Dr. Gold, a board certified emergency physician, also addresses the lies about hydroxychloroquine and masks. This is why I will request hydroxychloroquine if I should get Covid-19. I’m even considering taking it as a preventative measure. (If I can obtain it.)
Please scroll to bottom to see why African nations may have such minuscule numbers of Covid-19 deaths.

I highly, highly recommend that you watch this entire video. But if you can’t spare the time, here are some excerpts from the first eight minutes of her talk. (I paraphrased some of it for the sake of brevity.)

I speak as a representative of America’s Frontline Doctors, a volunteer physician organization started specifically to combat the serious and life-threatening disinformation campaign that has really taken over America and the entire globe. It’s very very scary stuff.

I’ve been a doctor for a long time and before me my father was a doctor. I’ve never seen anything like this where we have groups of physicians, scientists and government bureaucrat agencies essentially lying to the American people and people across the world.

I have many many examples. One brief example I’ll give you is that the National Institute of Health right now has as its policy recommendation for patients with Covid-19 stating that unless you’re in the hospital requiring oxygen there is no actual treatment available for you.

That is a complete falsehood. Completely false. In most of the world, non-first world countries, there is plenty of treatment easily available, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and here in America, if you could find a doctor to prescribe it..…

This disinformation is why we (AFD) became public….. This is a crime against humanity. Doctors have testified before Congress that the vast majority of deaths would have never happened….

You must understand the magnitude of the lie to understand what they’re trying to tell you about these experimental vaccines. The disinformation was apparent from the beginning. We call this illness Covid-19, but it’s real name should be after the name of the location where it arose, which is Wuhan China.

(But) the Chinese party didn’t like that name. They set about putting a lot of pressure on the media and politicians to change it, and they started calling it the coronavirus.

They called it the coronavirus because it is actually a coronavirus, but that became very confusing to doctors and scientists because there are seven coronaviruses. This was just number seven. We used to use the name ‘coronavirus’ on our charts when it was just the common cold.

A person would come into the ER room in my case and they would just have a common cold but I would just write coronavirus on the chart, as did other doctors. That was too confusing so it became Covid 19.

It was never a racist thing to call it the Wuhan virus because there are so many diseases named after the location where they arise. There’s Zika, Ebola, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, the list goes on. German measles, Spanish Flu, the list is endless. So you have to understand the deception was there from the very beginning.

That was the first lie

The next big lie was the maligning of this common, ordinary, cheap, safe medication called hydroxychoroquine. Those of you who have traveled abroad, have taken mission trips for example, or anybody in the military, are quite familiar with this drug. Doctors would just give it out, you know like candy.

(When) I was going to take a holiday in Africa about 20 years ago and I was a medical student, they just handed me the pills. Here you go. I never asked any questions. It was just a big fat nothing; taking hydroxychloroquine. (But) all of a sudden we as doctors began hearing that hydroxychloroquine was unsafe.

You can’t understand how much of a lies this is. Hydroxychloroquine is over-the-counter in much of the world. It’s taken in many African nations. They call it Sunday Sunday medicine because you take it every Sunday. People keep it in their pocket like the way Americans might keep a Tylenol in their purse. It’s absolutely ordinary stuff. It was over-the-counter, really, in any country which had malaria, or any country that had citizens that would visit malaria countries on holiday.

For example it was over-the-counter in France. The only reason that it wasn’t over-the-counter in America is just because there wasn’t any demand.

It has been FDA approved for 65 years

In America we use hydroxychloroquine for two main reasons: lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. And also for malaria for people going on holiday…. It’s been FDA approved for 65 years. We’ve given it to babies. We give it to children. We give it to pregnant women. We give it to nursing mothers. We give it to the elderly, and we give it to the immune compromised. Those last two categories have taken this medication for decades. There is never a pretense that it is not safe.

That’s the drug that you’ve been hearing about now for nine months, 10 months, telling you it’s unsafe. It’s an incredible lie of incredible proportions. Once you understand that, you will be suspicious of everything that follows.

I used hydroxychoroquine on one of my first patients with Covid-19, and in about 48 hours she was completely well. And this completely matched what I had read in her scientific literature. It was completely consistent.

Later on in the video, Dr. Gold posits that one of the reasons so many African nations and India have such low death rates from Covid-19 is because their residents take hydroxycloroquine prophylactically to prevent malaria. A byproduct of that usage appears to be either preventing, or drastically reducing the consequences, of catching Covid-19.

Here’s a partial  map from the CDC showing where malaria occurs:

Red signifies areas where malaria transmission occurs
Yellow signifies areas where malaria transmission occurs in some places
Blue signifies areas where malaria transmission is not known to occur

I checked Dr. Gold’s numbers on worldometers.com.
As of 19 January 2021, the numbers looked like this:

CountryDeaths per 100,000 population


If that’s not impressive enough, look at the numbers in these particular African nations!

Uganda: Only 7 deaths per million of population.
Nigeria: Only 7 deaths per million of population.
Mozambique: Only 8 deaths per million of population.
Ivory Coast: Only 5 deaths per million of population.
DRC: Only 7 deaths per million of population.
Somalia: Only 8 deaths per million of population.
Niger: Only 5 deaths per million of population.

Yes, the death rates from Covid-19 in these nations is only eight deaths per million of population – or even less.

I mean, the death rates from Covid-19 in Africa are drastically – I mean drastically! – lower than in the United States.

Clearly, something beneficial is going on here.

My conclusion? Doctor Simone Gold makes a lot of sense to me.

Above map from the CDC here:


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