Please forgive the title: an oxymoron as blatant as Military Intelligence, Fun Run or “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you.” And yet the UK government really seems to be helping, at least to a significant, if transient, percentage of voters:

Definitely time to listen to some cynical comedians then.

Note the dig, not at lockdown sceptics but FBPE anti-Brexit types. And this newfangled area really does seem to have shown up the burghers of Brussels:

I can’t know the biases of all readers at this point but I am delighted by that difference. Geoff Norcott meanwhile got involved in a somewhat testy conversation with another comedian whom I follow and rather like, the ex-GP Paul Sinha. A measure of agreement emerged here though:

I too find it odd. I’m very proud that my sister is playing a role in the administration of the vaccination programme in the South West, however small a role that may be. And, despite the good news in one area, she wouldn’t I think be unsympathetic about the next tweet on where government cronyism and incompetence has gone terribly wrong and needs to put right.

I’ve followed Meirion Jones since the days he tried, with Liz MacKean, to expose the pedophilia of Jimmy Savile on BBC Newsnight. We don’t agree on everything but I thought he got the gambling thing exactly right here. Of course the government is gambling and quite right too.

It’s not all good news, clearly, and nobody thinks that – apart perhaps from the consultancy partners at Deloittes. But I thought I’d look at the bright side, just a little.

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January 18, 2021 at 06:18PM