Of all the grand failures of the last 12 weeks, the most unexpected has been The Media, which is saying something, because my expectations were so low. Or so I thought. But who knew that so many otherwise great publications would fail to pick up the biggest story in our lifetimes?

Truth is, it starts with the media. It’s our national conversation. If we had better media, we’d get better politicians. It all follows. When the nightly news says “even Mitch McConnell denounces blah” — they don’t say “but his in-laws are shipping magnates trading with Beijing and sit on the board of the Bank of China.” Maybe that matters?

So here, trying to help craft the new media world, I’d like to thank all those that make this adventure possible, and ask anyone who can spare enough to buy me a box of chocolate if they could chip in. Please. I do appreciate your help.

Ripples from this US election are already lapping on Australian shores. Both climate and Big-Tech policies are already under pressure.

History books will be written…

Thanks for your contribution, no matter how big or small.

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January 19, 2021 at 10:38AM