The House of Clowns has it backwards

“With every daily action, the House has proven it doesn’t “represent” the people.”

– Tom O.

The House of Clowns has it backwards

Tom O.

Well, we have sat through another period of time when they “send in the clowns” instead of function as representative government. Once again we have thrown trash on the Constitution, but why not? With every daily action, the House has proven it doesn’t “represent” the people, but instead, it represents a political party. If this “circus of clowns” did their job instead of posture, we would probably still be the greatest nation on the planet instead of the laughing stock of the Universe.

There are hardly more than a few dozen that end up in DC that seem to remember that they represent a nation first, their constituency second, and themselves and their party last. No, the House of Clowns have it backwards. It is always about Party first, themselves second, and if it happens to be good for their constituency, that’s nice. Notice that I didn’t even bother to mention the nation, because it is never a consideration, and if the nation should benefit, it was by accident.

I have had the irritation of having to see 1 impeachment threatened, forcing a resignation. I never actually took that impeachment attempt seriously because of the inclusion of “he lied to the American People” as a grounds for impeachment. There is never going to be a politician that can’t be impeached on such a vacuous grounds because there are times that a person can say something that turns out to be wrong, or was said to deflect, not to lie. If that grounds was legitimate, every President would have been impeached because when a question about national security is asked and information cannot be shared, the only way you can deflect it often ends up being a lie. Under those grounds, “I never had sex with that woman” would have bounced Clinton. And certainly Bush and Obama had their fair share of lies for whatever reason.

When the Republicans tried Clinton, there were plenty of real things that could have been used for grounds for impeachment. In the end, they backed all of the real reasons to impeach him out of the articles and did exactly what the Queen of Clowns did this past year, and proceed to a trial that would not remove Clinton from office, but left him at that time as the only President ever impeached. So the Queen of Clowns and here little troop of junior clowns impeached Trump to even the score, knowing that it, too, would fail, and this time, again, knowing that it will not happen, she did again “to make Trump the only 2 times impeached President in history.”

In other words, the Queen of Clowns didn’t impeach Trump for any legitimate charge, but just to “make a political statement.” Knowing that the Senate would not reassemble to carry on the trial, she went through the sham proceedings for “political goods.” How freaking childish and ignorant. And all the little troop of clowns that went along with it are just as childish and ignorant.

If we had an educated and concerned citizenry, there would not be a single one of those clowns returned to congress in the next election cycle. We don’t need vindictive, little childish clowns playing politics, we need serious Representatives, concerned with making and keeping this nation great by passing appropriate legislation and budgets that support a free Republic, insuring our freedoms such as the right to bear arms and freedom of speech.

And to protect us from foreign and domestic terrorists, such as tech companies that destroy the lives of ordinary people, and not BE the domestic terrorists they have sworn to defend us from by their oath of office.

To all of those that will think this comment is about Trump, it’s not. It’s about the United States Constitution and the republic that it created, what it was, where it is, and where it is going.

Thanks, Robert, for a great site where issues that matter are discussed. What happens to the climate won’t matter if we don’t have a viable nation.

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