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Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms Antarctica Has Not Warmed in Last Seven Decades

Cancel all the claims by climate activists that global warming is decimating Antarctica. A peer-reviewed study recently published in one of the most prominent science journals destroys one of the most frequently asserted claims by climate activists – that climate change is warming Antarctica and melting the Antarctic ice sheet. The recent study confirms Antarctica has not warmed in the past 70 years and Antarctic ice cover is expanding rather than shrinking.

Writing in the journal Nature, scientists at Columbia University and the University of Victoria, British Columbia report, “The Antarctic continent has not warmed in the last seven decades, despite a monotonic increase in the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases.”

The scientists also observe that over the past several decades, “Antarctic sea ice area has modestly expanded.”

The scientists report that the topography of Antarctica, and particularly the size and distribution of Antarctic mountain ranges, play a large role in Antarctica’s stable (actually modestly cooling) environment.

The scientists published the image below, which shows how temperatures have changed during the past 30 years, compared to temperatures recorded between 1950 and 1980. Clearly, the vast majority of Antarctica is cooling, with warming occurring over just a small portion of the continent that juts out into the Southern Ocean.

Forget the claims of a warming Antarctica and remember the science – Antarctica is cooling, not warming.

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By James Taylor -January 14, 2021

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