This should have been obvious all along, but believers in human-caused climate warming are desperate to find ways of overcoming the intermittency of renewables.


A study by climate scientists says carbon capture and storage (CCS) cannot meet the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The research, by the Tyndall Centre, concluded that the technology was not a viable option for the rapid emissions cuts required in the next decade.

Continued future use of oil and gas depend on CCS, as does the proposed conversion of methane to hydrogen.

The UK government’s 10-point climate plan pledged £200m investment in CCS, while the Scottish Government announced £80m of funding to support CCS and other negative emission technologies.

But, according to the research, published today, reliance on CCS would endanger climate safety goals.

Globally, it said, there are just 26 CCS plants in operation. There are no schemes in the UK and none are expected until at least the next decade.

Friends of the Earth Scotland and Global Witness, which commissioned the study, described CCS as a “dangerous distraction” from the climate solutions that work, such as renewables and energy efficiency

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January 12, 2021 at 03:57AM