Capitol Building, January 6: “Pelosi police” massacred citizens and forced lawmakers to drop objections to the election’s fraud, under the guise of Trump supporters’ riot.

Summary of Facts

On January 6, 2021, some elements of the Capitol police (“Pelosi police”) interrupted debates on the first challenge to the state electors (Arizona) and forced VP Mike Pence and lawmakers out of the chambers. To justify that, the Pelosi police shot, gassed, and threw percussion grenades at peaceful demonstrators supporting Trump within the Capitol building, whom it had just allowed. The attacks by the Pelosi police shocked, disoriented, and demoralized Republican lawmakers and VP Mike Pence. Some lawmakers were scared. Consequently, Republicans dropped most challenges and objections to the Democrat-favored lists of electors. Thus, the alleged certification of Joe Biden as President-elect was forced, and thereby is invalid.


Besides invalidating the alleged certification, these actions by Democrat leadership constitute insurrection and treason. Donald Trump is the President until January 20. To avoid further bloodshed, President Trump might arrest Nancy Pelosi and several other Congressional Democrats involved in the putsch.

The Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Apple) control critical national communications and IT infrastructure. This infrastructure should be secured by force, and suspected putsch accomplices taken into custody.

If a new joint session of Congress assembles without Democrats that should not be there under Amendment XIV Section 3,  will likely accept the correct electors, and certify victory of President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Main Part

Reinforcements Rejected

Before January 6, Capitol police refused reinforcement. This is despite a very contentious day in Congress, coinciding with a million demonstration a couple of miles from the Capitol Building. Now it is obvious why. The putschists in the Capitol police wanted no outside forces.

Murder of Ashli Babbitt

The Pelosi police killed Ashli Babbitt, a young married woman and veteran of USAF and DC Air National Guard with eight overseas deployments. She was shot by a plainclothes male. A video of shooting shows that she was unarmed, doing nothing dangerous, and standing next to uniformed police officers. The killer shot her from behind in the neck or head. The killer accepted the risk to hit policemen next to her. The killer fired in the direction of the room or chamber, where she tried to enter, and accepted the risk to harm people who might have been there.

Ashli’s military specialization was security, including riots control. Her DCANG unit was designated to protect the capital if needed. The New York Times acknowledged (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/07/us/who-was-ashli-babbitt.html):

“In the Guard, she was assigned to a unit based near Washington that is known as the ‘Capital Guardians,’ because one of their primary missions is defending the city. Security forces in the squadron regularly train with riot shields and clubs for what the Air Force calls ‘civil disturbance missions.’

Thus, it is very unlikely she did anything that might have provoked the use of deadly force by law enforcement or security. But she was perfectly qualified to recognize that the actions of the Pelosi police were inconsistent with riot control tactics. It is possible she was telling that to the police officers standing next to her and wanted to warn the lawmakers about the ongoing putsch. Most of the Capitol police were probably unaware of the plans of Democrat putschists. But some were, including the killer. It is likely he heard her talking to other policemen and silenced her forever.

Death from “medical emergencies”

The news reported that another three citizens who were in the Capitol Building had died from “medical emergencies.” It is a novel diagnosis for the death from percussion grenades, tear gas, and other weapons that the Pelosi police used against citizens.

The Riots

When Republicans issued the first challenge to state electors in Arizona, the Capitol police (“Pelosi police”) allowed in troublemakers and Trump supporters. Then it declared security incident, interrupted the session, and more or less forcefully removed VP Mike Pence.

In the time of the events, the police allowed people to enter the Capitol Building. Almost all Trump supporters came to peaceably petition the government for a redress of grievances.

No doubt that some of the people who entered the Capitol Building rioted. Some of them were even Trump supporters. It is likely that the Pelosi police gave preferred entrance to the most unhinged types and encouraged rioting, including occupation of her own office.

Attributing guilt by association is wrong. The Pelosi police had no excuse to massacre the innocent or to force the lawmakers.

Who was interested in interrupting the joint session?

The joint session of Congress was to consider evidence of fraud in at least six swing states. Democrat misconduct in other states goes way beyond fraud. There are allegations that Democrat governors-imposed lockdowns, denied hydroxychloroquine and other early treatment and prophylaxis to COVID-19 sufferers, and delayed the vaccine to win the November 3 elections. Thus, meddling with the Joint Session favored Democrats and was against the interests of the Team Trump.

Because of the misinformation campaign by MSM and Big Tech, majority of Democrat supporters thought that the January 6 Joint Session of Congress was a formality necessary to certificate the alleged Biden’s win. Probably because of this, they were easily duped into believing that interrupting the Joint Session benefitted Trump.

Finally, Trump did not incite his supporters in the rally. I was there, listened to him, and saw other rally participants. I saw nobody incited or unruly. The crowd at the rally was peaceful, calm, and behaved family friendly. Of course, I saw only a small fraction of the rally-goers, but their reaction is representative of the vast majority.

The Behavior of the Team Biden

The media narrative is that Biden won, his win was officially certified, and he becomes President in 10-12 days. The natural victors’ behavior is to celebrate, to make plans and preparations, and not to provoke the opponent, who still has the full power. The Democrats and their Big Tech allies have been acting unnaturally. They went on a silencing spree against the President, and his supporters. They threatened and provoked them. There is only one explanation to such irrational behavior – they know they are not the victors. They know that they are wrong, and the only way to the power is to intimidate Trump supporters from seeking the truth.

Other Remarks

In my opinion, Antifa played no special role in the events on the Capitol Building. The putschists pushed the Antifa narrative as a decoy to deflect attention from the actual culprit – Democrat leadership and the Pelosi police.

The Capitol police, DC police, and pro-Democrat journalists hold almost all information about the January 6 events in the Capitol building. Thus, it is up to them to prove anything that is in doubt.

I did not see any video or a witness account of how the officer Brian Sicknick was killed. It is possible he was murdered by the putschists because he refused participate or opposed the putsch.

VP Mike Pence announced his decision not to postpone the joint session at 10am, long before the violent events at the Capitol Building started, so his decision could not be the trigger for violence by Trump supporters.

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January 12, 2021 at 10:09AM