2020 EMMA Awards

By Paul Homewood

President Xi walks away with this year’s top EMMA award:

We at the GWPF were taken aback by the huge interest in this year’s search for the World’s Greatest Climate Hypocrite of the Year, with over a hundred readers submitting nominees and to explain why their favoured green virtue signaller was a worthy winner of an “Emma” award.

Speaking of which, it was good to see Emma Thompson nominated again. We’re not sure she has been in public eye for eco-hypocrisy again in 2020, so we imagine this was simply a recognition of the sheer magnitude of her brass neck in 2019. We’re fans too!

Amusingly, another Emma tried to get in on the act for this year’s awards, with RenewableUK’s Emma Pinchbeck nominated for her confession to installing a new gas boiler.

Watchers of the green cult couldn’t get enough of Harry and Meghan this year, with their fans nominating them in the “Eco-warriers/eco-worriers” and the “Ludicrous Luvvies” categories. And David Attenborough had a great deal of support too.

It’s fair to say that competition was red hot, with nominations ranging from Lewis Hamilton (go vegan peasants!) to Ursula von der Leyen (eco-lectures from the steps of her private jet), to the Norwegian State Pension Fund (don’t ask).

But in the unanimous opinion of the judges the winners of the categories were:

Eco-warriors and Eco-worriers – Torvil and Dean, for the awe-inspiring brazenness of their trip to Alaska to tell us about the perils of global warming.

Ludicrous Luvvies – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, for their shameless demand that we should cut our carbon emissions, while swanning around the world in private jets and helicopters.

But in the unanimous opinion of the judges, it was our Preening Politician of the year who should take the overall accolade of Climate Hypocrite of the Year 2020. And who is that, we hear you ask? Well, it’s someone who does his hypocrisy on a truly global scale.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Xi Jinping, the president of China. The General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party is a deserving winner this year for his smooth parading of “concern” for the climate while all the time building hundreds of coal-fired power stations in China and around the world as fast as he possibly can.

Congratulations to all our worthy winners. You are truly, truly shameless.

Previous ‘Emmas’ winners

Full list of 2020 nominees

Jacinda Adern


Belgian Green Parties/ Tinne Van Der Straeten

Joe Biden

Tony Blair

Richard Branson

Mike Cannon Brookes

California/Gavin Newsom

Mark Carney

Leonardi Di Caprio

Committee on Climate Change

George Clooney

Global CCS Institute

Al Gore

Zac Goldsmith

Friends of the Earth

Hugh Grant

John Selwyn Gummer

Patty Hadju (Canadian Health Minister)

Lewis Hamilton

Matt Hancock

James Hansen

Boris Johnson

Matt Kean, Energy Minister (Australia)

John Kerry

Richard Leafe

Caroline Lucas

Michael Mann

Catherine McKenna

North Face

Norwegian Government Pension Fund

Chris Packham

Plastic Free

Pope Francis

Prince Charles

Prof James Renwick

Nico Rosberg

Dr Rolf Martin Schmitz

Grant Shapps

Carrie Symonds

The EU

Emma Thompson

Greta Thunberg

Frans Timmermans

Justin Trudeau

Extinction Rebellion



January 8, 2021 at 01:30PM