Trump the master persuader

Donald Trump’s statement for the nation

His speech today was partly a description of the finalists for the Oscars of Election Cheating. It’s a worst of the worst list. He’s crafting a narrative for the American people, paving the way for them to accept that he doesn’t just have a legal path to victory, but that he was the legitimate winner — by a landslide.

Many Americans will be blindsided if three states decertify the electors and the whole election is suddenly up for grabs. As Scott Adams would say “he’s a master persuader” — and in this speech he’s not only describing real fraud, but carving a path for Biden-voters to walk away from their choice. A face-saving exit.

In psychology, human brains like to stick with their choices. Robert Cialdini, the man who wrote “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” called it the principle of “Commitment and Consistency”. Once we have made a decision — we’ll do a lot of rationalization to keep justifying that pick — even when it makes no sense. To get peace or healing, Trump has to convince Biden voters that not only was Trump the rightful winner, but that Biden was not someone that deserved their vote — or their protests, should Biden become the President Un-elect.

So Trump is finding targets Biden voters can blame for making a bad choice — like the media, for hiding the Biden corruption and the links to China. ” Joe Bidens family received millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party. Yet the media and tech companies work together to censor this information. It was the greatest and most shocking scandal involving a Presidential Candidate in our political history.”

A Rasmussen survey showed that only 47% of American voters believe that Joe Biden won. Only 10% of Republicans think Biden won fairly.

The key question is how many Americans will see this speech. Christmas Eve is the day for releasing news that the public won’t have time to notice.  But even if Biden voters are not watching, Trump is reaching the political apparatchiks, the media, and hopefully millions of Trump voters, who can learn and copy the message, email it and tweet it. Put it on Parler. That sort of thing. Possibly it just means Trump voters are better armed for Christmas dinner conversations should anyone at the table dare to raise politics…

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December 23, 2020 at 12:03PM