“CO2 climate innocence in 500 words: paleoclimatological-astrophysical literature synthesis by an impartial geologist” — Dr Roger Higgs, Geoclastica Ltd, UK, 16 Dec 2020,

The below 500-word abstract is the culmination of 5 years of independent research of the entire scientific literature relevant to climate change (not just ‘climate science’, which is fatally biased by its dependence (for funding) on public belief in a ‘climate emergency’ due to ‘man-made’ warming).

I’m a professional geologist.

My hope is that other scientists, upon reading this abstract, will quickly appreciate CO2’s obvious innocence, and spread the truth to colleagues, friends and family. For the well-being of society and your children, grandchildren, etc., it falls to us to deny the fake ‘consensus’ (of CLIMATE scientists only), and stop mainstream media organisations peddling ignorance-based misinformation to the trusting public, such as the BBC’s Climate Basics: CO2 Explained.

These nine facts jointly show that coincidence of modern warming (began 1910) and rising industrial carbon dioxide (CO2; from ~1850) was accidental, not causal:

1) Warming but not CO2 was interrupted by a 30-year (y) decline and 15-y pause (1):

McInnes 2020. Temperature-CO2-sunspots graph 1850-2020

2) Milankovitch orbital cycles control longer-term (104-105 y) temperature oscillations, e.g. Quaternary ice-age glacials and interglacials (23).

3) Quaternary temperature changes preceded CO2 (emitted or absorbed by oceanic warming or cooling), “very closely” (3), lagging <400 y (45).

4) Overlaid on these Quaternary oscillations are briefer 50-2,000-y temperature fluctuations (fig4c of 6), often ascribed to unsteady solar output (7891011). This temperature-Sun correlation is most obvious for Late Holocene time (best proxy resolution): both decrease from 1AD to ~1700AD (Little Ice Age, LIA), in ‘sawtooth’ fashion, then surge sawtooth-style into the 20th century (e.g. cross-compare 12 fig11 vs 13 fig7a). Matching peaks and troughs reveal a 50-150-y temperature lag attributable to ocean circulation (14) and thermal inertia (15). Ocean temperature is possibly controlled by solar magnetic output (SMO), governing cloudiness (16).

5) IPCC (17) ignored the time-lag (“solar variations cannot explain global mean surface warming over the past 25 years, because solar irradiance has declined”), yet in the same report admitted “The ocean’s huge heat capacity and slow circulation lend it significant thermal inertia” (18), causing a lag of “many decades” (15).

6) After the Holocene Climatic Optimum (sic) peak in ~5000BC, global cooling (until the LIA (19)) accompanied rising CO2, the “Holocene temperature conundrum” (20).

7) Similarly, for much of Phanerozoic time, CO2 (up to 1000s ppm) was non- or anti-correlated with temperature (2122), an exception being the Quaternary glacials, when strong ocean cooling lowered atmospheric CO2 to below 200ppm (3).

8) SMO’s surge since 1700 is the strongest (amplitude) and highest for >9,000 y (23 fig3a; 24 figS13). SMO grew 130% in the 20th century, peaking in 1991 (25 fig3). This surge alone can explain modern warming, given the similar proportionality of earlier surges and correlative warmings (compare graphs in ‘4’ above).

9) IPCC sees total solar irradiance (TSI) as nearly irrelevant to climate (2627 figSPM.5). TSI indeed varies little, unlike SMO, which fluctuates in concert with TIC, but proportionally much more (cf. 28 fig1). IPCC did not mention SMO (27).

These 9 facts suggest that CO2’s greenhouse effect, logarithmically declining and already “well into the saturation regime” (29), is negated by overlooked natural feedbacks. An important but poorly quantified negative feedback is aerosol increase due to growing emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) by forests fertilized by rising CO2 (303132). IPCC stated “total global BVOC emissions have large uncertainties” (33), but ignored BVOC feedback (27 figSPM.5). Climate models’ proclivity to run too hot (34) may reflect this oversight. I predict that global warming due to the Sun’s 20th-century surge to its 1991 peak will continue until late this century, thanks to ocean-lag (17). Meanwhile CO2 will slowly rise nearer to the optimum for plants (~1000ppm; 35).

For a list of the 35 references, as well as a wealth of additional information, click through to Dr Roger Higgs’ Research Gate publication, linked here.

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