NYTimes: JunkScience.com ‘promotes false information on climate’ — but we quote him anyway!

The New York Times reports today that California air chief Mary Nichols will not be Joe Biden’s EPA chief because she is apparently an environmental racist. Too bad for Nichols, but keep reading.

Here’s the bad news for Mary Nichols:

Here’s how I tried to help:

Note that, according to the New York Times, JunkScience.com promotes “false information on climate change” — yet I am apparently reliable enough to be quoted in the “paper of record.”

The NYTimes has never pointed out a single piece of false climate information from JunkScience.com.

But the NYTimes is shielded from liability because I am a “public figure” per NYTimes v. Sullivan, giving the paper license to libel without liability.

And speaking of promoting false information, the New York Times erroneously reports that I “led” the Trump transition team. Sorry, but I was just one member of the EPA part of the transition team.

Lastly, look at what the Democrats have just done to new to their best soldiers — sacrificing and disparaging Mary Nichols on the bogus altar of environmental racism. Imagine what they will be willing to do to you.

UPDATE: Late this afternoon after I informed them of their error re the transition team, the NYTimes issued the following update to its piece:

Obvisouly, the NYTimes has no interest in retracting its libel of JunkScience.com.

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December 14, 2020 at 04:00PM