Foreign Interference in spades: is there anywhere China doesn’t have CCP Party members?

Is two million communists enough?

Today The Australian announced that a huge file has been leaked from inside China that has 2 million Communist Party members names and details on it. These are not necessarily spies, just potential spies who have some questions to answer. People do sign up to the CCP just to improve their prospects in China, but all CCP members also must pledge an oath that puts the party’s interests above all and “be ready at all times to sacrifice my all for the party”. That’s a pledge with a conflict of interest that makes their own company or country their second priority. Why do we allow it? See Sky News also.

Companies with CCP influence include bankers like ANZ, Citibank and HSBC, plus Boeing, Pfizer and AstraZeneca.  The Covid vaccines will be made by companies with CCP members on staff, somewhere. Companies may be doing more information sharing with Beijing than what they expected.

Speaking of foreign interference it looks like Executive Order 13848 may be underway

The hints grow stronger.

Maria Bartiromo interviewed General Michael Flynn, who mentions that John Ratcliffe –  The DNI — Director of National Intelligence –  will report Friday. If the 2018 Executive Order  — that was designed to deal with foreign interference in US elections– has been activated, then the DNI is a key player who has to report within 45 days which means by Friday. Flynn goes further saying that if the evidence is there, one of the things he would recommend is that “Donald Trump needs to trigger Executive Order 13848 and appoint a special counsel.” It’s potentially a lot more powerful than that.

Flynn also mentions that Donald Trump has several paths to Victory, explaining that Sidney Powell has four law suits pending at the Supreme Court. The evidence of foreign interference is at

Electronic Votes were flipped in Michigan says forensic investigator

At the time, Flynn wasn’t sure if the investigation on the Antrim County voting machine in Michigan had found evidence of computer votes flipping. But indeed it has — Michigan Vote Flip Happened Due to Computer Program, Not Human Error. Dominion voting machines told us it was “user error” when thousands of votes went to Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump. But the forensic audit suggests it was a deliberate computer flip. How many counties did this happen in, and can any court pretend this doesn’t matter?

The Judicial Swamp:

Speaking of courts, one person calling into a radio program says he is a clerk for a Justice on SCOTUS. He described anger and intimidation: “today was like nothing we have ever seen”. There was  apparently much yelling behind closed doors as SCOTUS considered the Texas suit. Chief Justice Roberts was screaming “Are you going to be responsible for the rioting if we hear this case?”

If this is an accurate report, SCOTUS were afraid to do the case because friends of the accused might loot, pillage and burn. Roberts apparently screamed : “I will tell you how you will vote.”

 Justice Clarence Thomas says “This is the end of Democracy, John.”

Bullies may have won that round.

The Intel Swamp

Flynn also talks about the failed culture in US Intelligence under the Obama administration. While the counter intelligence was focused on Donald Trump and Flynn, they missed the actual threats, of Swalwell, and of the Bidens. “This is dangerous stuff, we are playing with fire right now.”

Eric Swalwell pushed the RussiaGate hoax, but all along he was associating with a Chinese Spy:

A Chinese agent known as Fang Fang, or Christine Fang,…” developed a relationship with Russia hoaxer Swalwell, who began serving on the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and as a ranking member of its Central Intelligence Agency Subcommittee in 2015. Reports from a political operative and intelligence official indicate that Fang raised millions for Swalwell’s re-election in 2014 and helped place at least one intern in his Washington, D.C. office.” — The Federalist.

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December 13, 2020 at 01:39PM