Eurasia’s tallest active volcano erupts – Video

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In this footage, Klyuchevskoy volcano on Russia’s remote Kamchatka Peninsula can be seen spouting lava and a thick column of ash into the night sky, continuing a period of heightened activity over recent years.


First reported by Russia’s Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Group (KVERT), Tuesday night’s eruption sent molten rock pouring down the volcano’s southern slope, creeping for nearly a mile (1.5km) before solidifying. The discharge, which ejected a plume of ash over 4 miles (7km) high, was captured in a video obtained by RT’s sister agency, Ruptly.

The Klyuchevskoy volcano is the most active in the country and the tallest of its type in all of Eurasia.

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December 13, 2020 at 04:39PM