It appears the Trump team have finally got a case through to the Supreme Court  (known also as SCOTUS). News of this is minimal, indeed practically skeletal. Biden supporters (sometimes called “the media”) may not want to mention anything that isn’t a Trump loss. And everyone else is not sure if the deadline matters. The Supreme Court has given people til Dec 9 to respond, but the electoral college has a “safe harbor” deadline of Dec 8. Sidney Powell says with fraud cases the deadline doesn’t matter. But this doesn’t look like a fraud case. Here’s the  Supreme Court docket which has a link to the Amicus Brief Document.

Perhaps this will matter?

Philadelphia Inquirer:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. issued a schedule for the case that appeared to foreclose any chance of the justices weighing in before the Electoral College vote had been finalized. Alito, who handles emergency matters arising out of Pennsylvania for the court, gave state officials until Dec. 9 to file their reply — one day after the federal deadline for locking the state’s slate of electors in place.

Pennsylvania Case Heads To Supreme Court: Were the votes unlawful?

One America News Network  I gather Senator Kelly is challenging Act 77 and whether mail in ballots are legal or even unconstitutional. There’s some excitement on twitter, but barely a mention elsewhere.

Does the date December 9 make it a moot point? William Jacobson, Legal Insurrection thinks maybe not.

Pennsylvania – Don’t Assume Alito Giving Until 12/9 To Respond To Emergency Application Means He’s Letting It Die On the Vine

More likely, Alito’s action means he and some other Justices take the matter seriously, and plan to rule on the merits once the opposition is submitted.

There is a lot of chatter that such a long period of time, under the circumstances, must be a way for Alito to let the application die on the vine, that the application would be “moot” or otherwise pushing it off to make meaningful relief impossible. Certainly, we can’t read Alito’s mind, but if there’s anyone on SCOTUS I don’t worry about playing such games, it’s Alito (and Thomas, too early to tell for Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, or Barrett).

In my mind-reading exercise, Alito giving the respondents’ enough time to fully prepare opposition likely means he and some other Justices take the matter seriously, and plan to rule on the merits once the opposition is submitted, rather than limiting their ruling to emergency injunctive relief. They could treat the Emergency Application as a Petition for Certiorari, accept it, and rule substantively. The few days gives the Justice enough time to prepare their respective opinions — it’s not like they really need briefs from the respondents to know the counter-arguments.

Remember the days when we trusted the The Post Office? Now it’s described as “Rife with Fraud”

Insiders are saying the postmarks are backdated and trucks of filled out ballots are being driven across state lines. It’s like America is unravelling.

Whistleblowers reveal USPS allegedly responsible for tampering with hundreds of thousands of ballots

Mounting evidence of election fraud reveals the post office could be responsible for tampering with hundreds of thousands of ballots.

Hundreds of thousands of ballots went missing.

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Pa. Unlawful Vote Case Heads To Supreme Court (

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December 5, 2020 at 11:32AM