Guest Survey by Kip Hansen – 17 November 2020

When I am puzzled by something, I try to find out what’s really going on.  Years ago, I wrote “What Are They Really Counting?”.    The lessons in that essay are even more important today than they were when I penned it at the end of 2015.  Many governments of the world have largely shut down their economies and issued edicts restricting the normal every-day activities of their citizens because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the illness it causes – Covid-19.   We are bombarded in the media with screaming headlines of “rising cases” like this:

The curious thing is that among all my family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues, I know of only two people who have been sick with/from (or even suspected) Covid-19 during the entire pandemic period.  My wife has one extended family member who was sick, hospitalized for 24 hours out of extreme caution, in Spain.  No one I ask knows anyone who is sick with/from Covid-19. 

For those of you with little time or no patience:

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There is one exception, we have a friend with a daughter who is a nurse in a dedicated Covid-ward in a local hospital.  There have been some sick Covid-19 patients there.  Some have even died:

This graph shows the daily Covid-19 deaths for my local county.  There have been 87 deaths in the county with Covid-19 mentioned in any way on the death certificate.  Since June 2020, there have been only 8 deaths from/with Covid.  With a population of about 180,000.  This gives my county an approximate generalized death rate of 48.3/100,000.   Even if Covid-deaths continue at the current rate and rise to 105 by the end of the year – our annual country-wide Covid-death rate would be only 58/100,000.   New York State as a whole has a Covid-death rate of 175/100,000.  The death rate of NY State is over 3.6 times higher than in my county.  For comparison, the annual death rate from cancers, nationally, is about 160/100,000.   

Our local NPR station out of Albany, NY, which I will call “WDNC” for obvious reasons, read letters in today’s “Round Table” program from several readers, all of whom claimed that they didn’t know anyone who had been or was presently sick with Covid-19, however, they were sure that the apparent-President-elect would do the right thing by issuing orders for every citizen to “wear a mask”.   

Previous to this, I thought it might be a quirk that among my friends and acquaintances, my family, my county that there weren’t any/many sick people.  However, emailing a friend in Portugal revealed that she too didn’t know any sick people, but had heard that there were some in Texas.  During a rather unpleasant visit to my dentist earlier today, neither the dentist or any or his staff knew anyone who had been or was sick with Covid-19.

My father was a doctor, I come from a medical family, I studied Pre-Med originally before switching majors, several times.  I did humanitarian work in a third-world country where the threats of malaria, dengue and yellow fever were real everyday worries.  I know there must be sick people – there are people dying, after all.  A lot of people dying, seemingly, but . . . . Total Deaths in the U.S. are not higher than normal for this time of year, despite Covid 19 according to CDC mortality figures.  (To see Total Deaths, you must download the .csv file from the GREEN LINK near the top of the page.)   The CDC figures for New York State show the same thing – Total Deaths are running even with previous years – despite Covid-19. (Same link – select State instead of the default National.  The .csv file is by week, so compare previous years by week numbers.  Note:  The most current weeks will be incorrect – too low — not fully reported yet – back at least three weeks.)

So, just to try to get a handle on the actuality of the Covid-19 pandemic, as experienced in the real world by readers here,  I have created this little three-question survey – I will publish the results here once there are enough participants or in a week, which comes first.

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The survey is only three questions, with dropdowns for your numerical answers.  Very quick and easy.  If you wish to contribute personal or local information, or anecdotes, use the comment section. 

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Author’s Comment:

Covid-19 is not a hoax.  It is not a fantasy.  It is not simply made up. 

However, the responses of our governments, in the United States, and in many other countries around the world have been far more harmful that the pandemic itself.  History will replete with books recounting the horrors caused by the worldwide Covid Pandemic Panic

One of the first to hit the stands is:  “The Price of Panic : How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic Into a Catastrophe” by Jay W. Richards, William M. Briggs and Douglas Axe.  Available in hardback, e-book editions and in audible formats.  I recommend it.

Keep following Watts Up With That to catch the survey results. 

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Kip Hansen / 2 mins ago November 17, 2020

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