By Paul Homewood

A decade ago, this appeared claiming that the big drought in Southeastern Australia was probably the worst experienced since the first European settlement:

Lead author Joelle Gergis is part of the Michael Mann circus, ever ready to claim that weather in her native Australia is worse than ever before. Steve McIntyre once described her as a data torturer, after tearing her Australian temperature reconstruction to pieces in 2016.

This particular paper regarding rainfall was little better, as a look at the actual rainfall data quickly reveals. The definition of Southeastern Australia, by the way, follows the BOM’s mapping:

As the BOM data shows, rainfall anomalies there during the Big Dry were no greater than in the decade leading up to 1945. The black line is the 10-year running average.

Since the paper was published, of course, the running average has risen close to the long term average.

Better get torturing that data again, Joelle!


November 13, 2020 at 12:48PM