A “Transistor Function” algorithm has been used to alter voting patterns in Michigan. It has a “Weighted Race” feature.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT engineer and Fulbright Scholar, with Phil Evans B.S.E.E. and Benny Smith (election commissioner and data analyst) have back-analyzed the pattern of voting in Michigan and figured out the electronic algorithm used to alter votes. Voting patterns are distorted in a way that can only be explained by a linear transformation (an algebraic equation) and he can approximate that equation and slope of the line. This means he can calculate how many votes were flipped and he does, and it’s massive.

This one form of fraud alone is enough to flip the election to Biden. That’s without all the postal vote backdating, the dead people voting, the out of state votes, the discarded ballots, the crooked media coverups, the pollsters fakery and the Pfizer hiding of the Covid Vaccine news. Trump won the election despite all the other trickery. If there had been real media coverage, honest vaccine headlines, exposure of Hunter Biden and honest polling the election probably could have been called by 8pm on Election day.

The action analysis starts at 13:30 minutes.

In disconcerting news, votes are stored as a decimal fraction. They are not even trying to record votes as whole numbers, as individual choices.

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What does it mean to be a citizen if the voting inputs and outputs are unverifiable.

It reads as rather melodramatic, but in a factual sense, if we accept rule by unverifiable and unaudited mechanisms, we are accepting that someone else has the power to chose who rules, not us. So when he says “It’s time people got educated or they will be enslaved.” It is merely an academic and obvious corollary.

The title of the presentation: A Mathematical Analysis of Trump-Biden 2020Election Vote Counts in Four Counties in the State of Michigan.

As I understand it, his analysis looks at the “down ticket” voting patterns in individual precincts of four counties in Michigan. The unnatural pattern is that the more Republican the precinct, the less likely they were to vote for Trump. Thousands of Trump votes were given to Biden in strongly Republican precincts. It’s possible that Republican voters could be fed up with Trump and choose to vote Biden for President, and the Engineering trio consider that. The red flag that is unarguable is that the ratio of Republican voters who chose Biden over Trump should be the same across precincts, and  it is in precincts which are predominantly Democrat. But these engineers found a “transistor function”. After the percentage of Republicans rise in a precinct beyond a “cut off” point, this ratio changes, but it changes in a perfect and predictable linear way. The ratio depends on the percentage of Republican voters in a precinct. The more Republicans there are, the more likely they are to abandon Trump and vote a Biden-then-Republican ticket.

The dashed orange line should be a flat line, instead the downward slope “cuts in” and votes are increasingly distorted in precincts where more Republicans vote.

Adapted from the video presentation above.

The slope of that line is “too perfect” — it’s almost perfectly linear. The transistor effect kicks in and shows that the same algorithm was used in different counties across all precincts. The pattern is non-random. Even if you wanted to believe that Rep voters were tired of Trump it would not happen in a perfect line that depended on the number of Rep voters around you. (45 mins.)

So most of the votes were stolen from strongly Republican areas and flipped for Biden. Unless this is fixed, in future elections, they (whoever they are) will just change the algorithm to alter down ticket votes too.

I’ve only watched this once. If I have misunderstood any part of this, please correct me in comments and I’ll update the post.

There is a “too perfect” decline — that is linear. It suggests electronic manipulation — the only thing that can create the artificially, improbable pattern.

The same slope occurs in Early voting patters as well as Election Day voting patterns.

Trump in Macomb County is 12% to 22% more popular than the Republican party candidates in predominantly Democratic areas. In Republican dominant areas this effect reverses.

In WAyne County there was no cheating and there the pattern is totally different. Trump is universally more popular than his Rep colleagues, not less. Trump is leading people to vote Republican who otherwise chose non-Rep candidates.


Are both parties are aware of these features? Are both Reps and Dems supporting the algorithm?

  • Is a coup underway?
  • Who is behind the coup?
  • Did Biden win?

50 How do we get out of this (for future elections)?

To be a democracy, certain minimum standards must apply to elections:

  • A Voter Registration card
  • Open source software.
  • Hand marked paper ballots records. The vote intent is obvious.
  • The inputs must be verifiable.
  • The ballot images must be stored for the long term in a legal format. These must be saved. (Some states are throwing the files away.)
  • All elections should be audited automatically. Not just disputed elections.

The man is a hero who has been battling for fair elections.

For asking where the ballot images were in previous elections he was taken off Twitter.

No lawyers would defend him. He had to go to court and defend himself.

The Federal statute was created saying that States must store the images.Rating: 9.4/10 (29 votes cast)Electronic vote fraud equation revealed: In Michigan in 4 counties 138,000 Fake votes for Biden , 9.4 out of 10 based on 29 ratings

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November 12, 2020 at 01:24AM