By Paul Homewood

John Constable has written a more detailed critique of the current electricity supply problems, and notes that the high pressure system, which has led to the loss of wind power, is extensive over much of Europe as well:

It’s therefore worth looking at the impact of this on wind power in other countries. Wind is the blue band near the top:

Including the UK, wind power across these six countries is currently running at about 28 GW, well below last year’s average of around 40 GW.

Although wind power in Spain is running about 7 GW above average, it is not enough to offset the shortfalls elsewhere. In the UK alone, wind power is currently generating at 5 GW below Q3 last year.

There is one final consideration. Although wind power in Spain is producing at about 55% of capacity, roughly double the norm, Spain is still relying on gas and coal for a quarter of its power. In other words, they have no “surplus” wind power to sell off.

Why then should they sell their wind power to other countries in Europe, when it would mean they had to ramp up gas power stations in place of it?


November 6, 2020 at 12:33PM