By Paul Homewood

Apparently Bob Ward is in a bad mood again. The reason, as David Rose explains is that he has just lost three complaints to the press regulator, IPSO, one against the Mail and two against the Telegraph!!

The Mail complaint concerned Rose’s article last year, which exposed the pack of lies in the BBC’s Attenborough programme on climate change. In particular, Attenborough’s claim that extreme weather events such as floods and storms have already got worse and more frequent, thanks to global warming, along with wildfires.

As I reported at the time, Attenborough’s claims were totally unfounded and contradicted the clear findings of the IPCC, which concluded that there was no evidence of any general increase in extreme weather events or wildfires.

In his usual rambling way, Ward objected to Rose’s analysis of this issue and other topics included in the programme, such as projected temperature increases, species extinction, corals and the claimed lack of action by the UK government.

On every single point however, IPSO found that Rose’s article was factually accurate, and sent Ward scurrying off with his tail between his legs.

Ward of course is used to losing complaints against the press, not least against the late Booker, who told me he had never lost a single case. But winning is not really Ward’s objective, Instead it is to tie up journalists such as David Rose and his editors in knots, creating much extra unpaid work, in the hope that it will discourage them from reporting on climate change in future.

In contrast of course, Ward gets well paid to by Jeremy Grantham to write his rambling complaints.

It is about time that IPSO refused to accept any further spurious complaints from Ward, which are wasting their time as well.

The IPSO judgment can be read here..

I will have a look at the Telegraph complaints tomorrow.


November 6, 2020 at 01:15PM