Any you thought elections were decided by The People?

Look who decides when a state is “won”?

What if they were wrong but the loser set up a government anyway, and the people accepted that?

The NY Times deleted their own tweet when they realize they’d said too much. But Twitter deleted half of Trumps tweets since Election Day.

Look at how effective this was in stopping Trump setting the agenda. The Total replies and retweets was in the order of 100 every 10 seconds but fell by three quarters almost instantly.

A group called Election Integrity Partnership (who voted for them?) decided that Trumps tweet “made unfounded claims about the legitimacy of mail-in ballots and the Election, while fomenting fear of violence.” So they tagged the message with a warning, but that wasn’t going to stop the tidal wave, so they deleted the content entirely, leaving their own loaded interpretation in it’s place. They were using the Trump account to tell Trumps followers that he was fomenting violence, and without leaving his words there so anyone could judge for themselves.

Trumps tweet apparently criticized the Supreme Court of PA’s decision.  He questioned the legitimacy of mail in ballots, which of course is a blasphemy.  All mail-in ballots, verified, or found in car boot-buckets three days after the election are always legitimate.

Surely it’s time for Trump with his 88 million followers to move to Gab or somewhere else? The only reason Twitter don’t block Trump entirely is that they are afraid he will do this. It’s so much better for them to string it out and use his own Twitter thread to advertise his flaws with loaded labels. Trump, no doubt aware of this, is playing his own game to get what he can out of Twitter. Nonetheless, surely it’s time to start giving the competitors some free prime time mentions?

Honest Dems work awfully  hard to stop people watching them count votes

In Pennsylvania, the Trump team had a court order to observe the vote counting, (why does anyone need a court order to watch votes being counted?) But it wasn’t enough, they still weren’t allowed in. The Sherriff would not come down to enforce a court order.

If the video doesn’t show up below, see it here.

In Pennsylvania, another 23,277 votes were found in Philadelphia this afternoon, all for Joe Biden.

True groupthinkers in action.

Michigan mysteries continue

Gatewaty Pundit reports: “In a secure area there appear to be suitcases and coolers moving in at 4am.

“A woman monitoring the ballot counting in Detroit has asserted that at least 130,000 ballots, all for Joe Biden, were brought to the center in three vehicles at 4 a.m.”

It’s worth watching (on Twitter, or Gateway Pundit).

“GOP members have been removed from the room. We haven’t been allowed to have one republican for every precinct, since about 5am when the 130,000 votes arrived….”

At least 130,000 ballots arrived in 3 vehicles in Detroit, MI ALL for Biden part 1 of 6

Perhaps it’s just a typo?

It’s worth watching this woman speak about what was happening in Michigan:

At least 130,000 ballots arrived in 3 vehicles in Detroit, MI ALL for Biden part 1 of 6

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November 5, 2020 at 03:44PM

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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