Significant loss in the harvest

Cold record in November in ‘Serra Catarinense’, South Brazil.

Thursday, November 5th, marked a record of cold in the Serra Catarinense in the city of Urupema with a temperature of – 3.1°C.

Frost has been recorded in many cities in Santa Catarina, from the west to the Serra Catarinense (High Mountains).

In different parts of São Joaquim-SC, apple and grape producers attempted to defend themselves by making fires around the orchards, but in many places like ‘Vale da Invernadinha’ about 10 km from the city center, the producers did not have as much luck, because the frost hit the small fruits in full and caused significant loss in the harvest.

That was the 120th frost in 2020 and with 77 days of negative marks in Santa Catarina. 4 Days with snow and 2 days with icicles.

Minimum temperatures

-3.1 Urupema *
(-2.9 Urupema ** / Record)
-1.7 S.Joaquim *
-1.7 B.Garden *
-1.3 Urubici *
-1.3 Panel / G.Hugen
-0.9 Vargem Bonita *
0.7 Bom Retiro **
1.1 Rufino River **
2.3 Lages **

* Fernando Keizer
** Epagri

Standardized stations (government and private)
Ronaldo Coutinho / Piter Scheuer

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“Local agriculture already has drought damage and now the late frosts complicate the scenario,” says Martin.

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