Russian heating season starts early

The heating season in the mountain village of Krasnaya Polyana this year started earlier than usual. Heat was supplied to schools and hospitals, as well as to residential buildings connected to the centralized heating system. Heating is normally not switched on until November 15th.

Meanwhile, most of Russia is covered with snow.

In addition to the Urals, snow covers almost the entire territory; it is absent only in the south of Primorsky Krai. In the southern regions, the snow depth is low, from 1 to 5 cm, in some points of the Amur region up to 9 cm, and in the northern half of Siberia and the Far East, the height is much higher. The highest snow depths in Russia today are in the northern Khabarovsk Territory, where they have reached 52 cm.

They are not much smaller in the northern Krasnoyarsk Territory: in the Norilsk region – 40-47 cm.

In the Urals, snow cover is observed only in the northern regions, in the Middle Ural, snow does not accumulate everywhere and there is no stable snow cover in the Southern Urals.

In the European Russian territory, under the snow, the Republic of Komi, in the north of the Republic, the height of the snows reached 19 cm, as well as the Territory of Perm, Kirov Region and Udmurtia, where the height of the snow cover is Low, 2 to 6 cm. Although at the end of October, according to weather data, in a territory north of 55°N the snow cover is already in place.

Snow at Sochi Mountain Resorts: isn’t it early?

In early November, temporary snow cover was established at Sochi’s ski resorts, not everywhere, but at an altitude above 1,500 meters. The snowy peaks can be seen in real time thanks to the webcams installed at the resort. And the snow won’t melt anytime soon, the nights will be freezing.

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