By Paul Homewood

h/t Dennis Ambler

Let them eat cake!

Prince William struggled to hide his “frustration” with political leaders during a podcast appearance earlier this week. The Duke of Cambridge spoke with climate change podcast Outrage + Optimism about his Earthshot Prize – a £50million competition prize to tackle environmental issues. During his guest appearance, Prince William vented about what “keeps him awake at night” as he “called out” political leaders.

The Duke of Cambridge revealed that he lies awake at night worrying that world leaders and politicians are failing to do enough to stop climate change.

He said: “I get outraged by the inaction.

“That’s probably a bit of a cliché but that is what I get most troubled about.”

Prince William acknowledged his “position of responsibility” as leading royal and future King.

The Duke said: “Especially as I’m in a position of responsibility if you like, or leadership I feel like I can do a lot more given that ability.”

He added: “So, therefore, I don’t understand why those who have the levers, don’t.

“I think that’s what really upsets me and keeps me awake at night.”

Prince William appeared on the podcast with environmental activists and a former UN Climate Change chief Christiana Figueres

The Duke of Cambridge has ramped up his environmental activism in recent months (Image: GETTY)

it is not clear which “political leaders” he is talking about, but perhaps somebody ought to tell him that he should be addressing the leaders of India, China and the rest of Asia, not the home audience.

Rowan Dean was particularly scathing about Prince Charles in the Sky report I covered earlier about the Great Reset.

Given this latest Marie Antoinette like intervention from Witless Willie, Rowan might like to add him to the list!


November 3, 2020 at 06:03AM