That’s what the New York Times says, implying that your home will burn up if you don’t vote for Joe Biden. Watch this video as Tony Heller trashes a New York Times attempt to scare us with yet another catastrophic climate-change article.


Tony demolishes the Times’ claims of record heat by quoting from some of its previous articles. The Times says the recent 130-degree temperature in Death Valley was the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth.

Unfortunately, the author had apparently not bothered to read previous articles published in, of all places, the New York Times itself, which tell of temperatures of 131, 134, even 135 degrees in Death Valley many times in the recent past, including 1913, 1937, 1946 and 1954.

In summation, says Tony, the New York Times lied about the worst drought on record, lied about the worst-pine beetle infestation on record, lied about the worst forest fires on record, and lied about the worst heat on record.

That pretty much demolishes the entire article, wouldn’t you say?

I wonder if the Times knows how to spell a-g-e-n-d-a?

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November 3, 2020 at 01:54PM