Report Your Neighbours: British Police Urge the Public to Inform on Covid-19 Lockdown Breaches

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Remind me again who won the Cold War? The British police are urging ordinary people to inform on neighbours who breach Covid-19 lockdown rules.

UK Police: It’s Your ‘Civic Duty’ to Inform on Fellow Britons Breaching Lockdown

31 Oct 2020

A British police chief has said it is the public’s “civic duty” to inform on each other if they are suspected of having breached coronavirus lockdown laws.

Merseyside Chief Constable Andy Cooke also condemned the so-called “sneering culture” which disapproves of snitching.

“People are doing a civic duty in contacting us for the right reasons. The vast majority of people across the country are really concerned about this. Any information that you can give us in relation to breaches will save lives, and that’s why people are doing it,” Chief Constable Cooke said, according to The Mirror.

A number of government ministers in recent months have also told Britons that they should inform on people in their community over perceived social distancing violations, with forces reporting such a high increase in calls, they had to add more telephony shifts in their stations.

The remarks come after the Police and Crime Commissioners for Merseyside and the West Midlands said they would break up family Christmas gatherings if they contravened lockdown rules.

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Boris Johnson to his credit has argued against such unhinged authoritarianism. Boris suggested people should try talking to their neighbours before taking any other action, only call the police for gross breaches of the rules. But pretty much everyone else in the British government seems to be ignoring him.

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November 2, 2020 at 12:20PM

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