Battery back-up is very expensive and does not last!

Our Nation, any nation, needs low cost reliable electricity


I had the displeasure of hearing part of Biden’s rally. Not only will he ban fracking, but dispose of all oil, gas, and coal. Meanwhile, he claims that he will not increase taxes on people making less than $400,000 per year. However, he will raise taxes on “Big Business”!

Biden is the typical politician, for he has no idea how business works! For instance: One such “Big Business” is grocery store chains. If Biden puts a 20% tax on a grocery store chain, then tomorrow there will be a 20% increase in the prices of all “Our” groceries! Who is paying the tax? That’s right all of us!

The same thing happens in any business!

Think about the taxes on oil and gas. One can bet the loss of tax revenue will be transferred to the “New Green Swindle” electric prices! Looks as if “We” will be burning books in our fireplace like those in England did!

Don’t forget, with no gas for your vehicle, you will have to buy an expensive new electric vehicle!

Buy solar for home? Most city homes don’t have the room to supply all the electricity they need. And those that live in an apartment or condo will soon be living under an overpass!


Where, Biden, in China?

Don’t forget that the Democrats want open borders, so those jobs will be low pay for the most part!

Is he aware that it will take about 7 billion solar panels just to meet the electrical demand we have today? I’m guessing that about 21 Billion solar panels will be needed to heat our homes and supply electricity to our vehicles, but it could be more! The best locations for solar are the desert southwest. The 7 billion panels would cover most of south eastern California and Nevada’s deserts as well as most of Arizona and New Mexico’s flat lands and part of western Texas.

Where are the rest of the estimated 21 billion panels going to go? Unfortunately, the farther north the panels are installed, the less total output they have, so more panels will be needed. This is plainly unrealistic!

What about Alaska? In the winter there is little to no sunlight! Furthermore, it snows heavily in Alaska, so the panels become useless with snow on them.

Battery back-up is very expensive and does not last! Acid batteries, like those in your vehicles last about 4-5 years. Lithium batteries may last about 7-8 years, and Metal Hydride batteries may last about 10 years. Obviously, added expense years ahead. BTW: All these batteries are “Hazardous Material”, so disposal will be another expense.

That’s right, they plan to put up expensive ($2-3 million) wind machines out in the ocean. Just what we need, more “Statues of Stupidity” mucking up our wonderful ocean view! Did they forget that the structure to hold that expensive machine will cost a fortune? Who is going to guard it? The Somalia Pirates will be on their way if our own crooks don’t get there first! We already know that wind power is unreliable, and can’t pay for itself. Of course, one hurricane later — They are all broken or gone!

I’ve said this before: “Our Nation, any nation, needs low cost reliable electricity”! Unfortunately, renewable energy is too unreliable, and not as cheap as they claim!

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November 2, 2020 at 11:32AM