Massive amounts of heat pulsing from the earth

Note: I posted this four years ago, but I think it deserves a repeat.

Powerful deep Arctic Ocean geological heat flow forces are melting the ice, says geologist James Edward Kamis. 

In an article entitled “Heat From Deep Ocean Fault Punches Hole in Arctic Ice Sheet,” Kamis punches his own holes in the “humans-are-melting-the-ice” chorus.

October 2015 sea-ice-melt location above Gakkel Ridge

“A very interesting high temperature and low salinity hole has just been punched in the sea ice … directly above the deep ocean Gakkel Ridge Rift / Fault System,” wrote Kamis in early November. (Kamis is referring to an event that took place on October 12, 2015.)

Massive amounts of heat pulsing from the earth

The Gakkel ridge is a gigantic chain of underwater volcanoes snaking 1,800 kilometers (1,100 miles) beneath the Arctic Ocean from the northern tip of Greenland to Siberia.

With its deep valleys plummeting 5,500 meters (3.4 miles) beneath the sea surface and its summits rising 5,000 meters (3.1-miles) above the seafloor (but still a third of a mile beneath the sea surface), the Gakkel ridge is far mightier than the Alps.

The Gakkel Ridge has in the recent past pulsed massive amounts of heat into the overlying ocean and thereby melted large portions of the ice that floats above the heated ocean column, says Kamis.

Climate scientists who favor the theory of man-made global warming maintain that the higher melt rate of Arctic sea ice from 1999 to 2007 was entirely due to man-made CO2 emissions, Kamis continues.

Natural forces play dominate role in sea ice extent

However, it is clear to most scientists, he continues, that non-atmospheric natural forces play the dominate role in sea ice extent and thickness.

These natural forces include variations in the Earth’s orbit, long-term cyclic changes in deep-ocean currents, and most importantly geologically induced heat and chemically charged fluid flow from deep ocean faults and volcanoes.

Even though the October 12 event was associated with an extensive earthquake swarm, a huge methane release, and a significant series of volcanic eruptions along the Gakkel Ridge, “it was, and still is dismissed as insignificant by most climate scientists advocating the theory of man-made global warming,” says Kamis

But many scientists now realize that the 1999-2007 Gakkel Ridge heat and chemically charged fluid flow event was the root cause of accelerated the Arctic sea ice melting rate.

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NOTE: This story reinforces my own contention that our oceans are being heated by underwater volcanoes, not humans. See Not by Fire but by Ice, chapter 10, “Fish Stew.”

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