Mexico – Snowfall in the middle of October

For the city of Chihuahua, it is expected that the thermometer will drop to -1C tonight. And record “snow water.”
In the middle of autumn.

Mexico – “Snow water” – 27 Oct 2020

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020 – An atypical end of October, with record precipitation of freezing rain (commonly known as snow water), snow and hail; with temperatures down to -2 degrees, all due to cold front number 9. The cold front was forecast to reach Chihuahua Capital today with temperatures down to -1C.

This was reported by Tiempo Severo Chihuahua, which said the rainfall on Monday night and early Tuesday in Ciudad Juárez was is part of a rare meteorological phenomenon.

According to Meteored, at the Abraham González Airport meteorological station, the low temperature of -2C, with a wind-chill of -9, was atypical for the month of October, in the middle of autumn.


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October 27, 2020 at 08:04PM

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