Coldest temperature ever recorded this early in the season in the “Lower 48”

Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures under zero. Low temperatures in degrees Celsius and fahrenheit. Cold winter weather twenty under zero.

Temperatures plunged to minus-29.2 in Potomac, Montana, early Sunday — the coldest temperature ever observed this early in the season across the contiguous United
States (the “Lower-48”).

The U.S. historical temperature database contains 14.5 million observations from Oct 1 to Oct 25, and Potomac’s reading on Sunday morning was the coldest!

Hundreds of new low temperature records have been set over the past few days alone, but all have been eclipsed by Montana’s “biggie.”

Hundreds of cold and snow records have also fallen of late: from Texas to Montana, many of the lowest temperatures and the highest snowfall totals ever recorded at this time of year are not only being broken, they’re being smashed.

A few examples:

The National Weather Service reported two broken snowfall records at their Marquette office: “We recorded 8.3 inches [on Sunday], which breaks the old record of 3.1 inches set in 1976 [solar minimum of cycle 20]! This recent snowfall also established a new monthly snowfall record for the month of October at our office. Total snowfall recorded for the month stands at 19.2 inches! This breaks the old record of 18.6 inches set in 1979.”

Eastern Idahoans woke to bone-chilling weather Monday morning, reports According to NWS data, Idaho Falls saw a low of just 1F, utterly shattering the previous record of 17F. In addition, Pocatello reached 3F, smashing its previous record low of 13F. The previous day, Sunday, also saw new record lows of 8 degrees in Idaho falls and 11 degrees in Pocatello.

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October 28, 2020 at 08:36AM

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