Roving organic MAGA crowds bypassing censorship

Fueled and Moving:  Remember 2009? The Climate Skeptic world was set on fire as the ClimateGate hide-the-decline pure corruption was both verified and then ignored by the media.  Now the Bidengate expose and audacious censorship is fueling the same indignation, brazen confidence and sheer determination on in a much bigger scale across the US of A.

Suddenly people who just had suspicions or hunches that things were wrong have been converted into campaigners with a mission. Doubts get replaced with confidence, and as the groups grow, so does the sense of “I’m not the only one”.

If the media won’t act as an outlet, then people find another way…

Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Working Around Platform Controls…

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The MAGA rallies, parades and grassroots events are breaking out independent of each-other and literally happening all over the place on any given day.  Miles and miles of cars with Trump flags… same with boats… and sometimes just marches in the street where thousands of people just gather and walk with American flags, Trump banners, and other gear.

he media not only have to put out the Biden-fires, they have to censor the censorship-flames too.

So they blow the smoke back. Any friend of Big Gov is a friend-to-defend, so the mainstream media are covering for the Twitter and Facebook bias:

CNN blames a shadowy “right wing offensive” plan to discredit social media:

A right-wing offensive” is the 2020 narrative equivalent to Clinton’s vast Russian conspiracy theory.  The truth is Big Tech is getting their ass kicked by the American electorate and they are freaking out about how visible, in-your-face, unapologetic and dramatic the MAGA activism has become.  Thus blame-casting is needed.

 It’s not like social media companies are naughty for denying half the population’s right to speak, it’s a Russian plot.

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Speaking of dramatic activism. Footage on Twitter (that isn’t censored yet) shows some remarkable organic gatherings. Not only are Trump events packed solid and filled for hours before they start, Trump supporters are gathering spontaneously, even going right outside Biden and Harris events. Apparently there are rolling lines of SUV’s, many with American flags, driving in convoys .


Byron York describes “The big Trump rallies you don’t see.”

“I can’t believe there aren’t any newspeople here,” said Linda of Greene County, Pennsylvania, as she stood among hundreds of cars and pickup trucks. … Indeed, although there were carloads of Trump supporters as far as one could see, and many more on the way from Ohio and West Virginia, and this enormous political event was happening less than two weeks before the presidential election, as far as I could tell, I was the only newsperson there.

It was the biggest political rally no one saw.

John Hindraker:

We see, for the most part, what the people who run news organizations want us to see.

Much more at the link. An obvious question is, where are the thousands of people spontaneously turning out to support Joe Biden? To take just one example, where were the Biden boat parades? There weren’t any, of course. On the contrary: when Biden and Kamala Harris made a joint appearance in Yuma, Arizona, not a single person showed up.

What are we to make of the crowds? In 2016 Hillary played to half-empty rooms too, but she still got 60 million votes.
The passion of the top ten percent is not necessarily an indication of what the middle ten percent are thinking. But it’s hard to believe a man who can’t get a crowd in a carpark  can win the US presidency.
The media IS the problem.
If we had better media, we’d get better politicians.

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October 26, 2020 at 02:25PM

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