Hunter and Joe Biden (center) with Kenes Rakishev (left) and Kazakhstan’s former prime minister, Karim Massimov (right)

“My opinion is that the ‘Biden Gang’ will destroy American oil and gas so that their ‘Chinese Partners’ can buy our oil/gas cheap while the ‘Gang’ make $billions,” says reader.
“The ‘New Green Swindle’ and the ‘Jobs’ Biden claims renewable will supply — Will be in China, not the USA!”

“Note: The mass media has “Blacklisted” any news of Hunter Biden’s laptop E-mails posted on the New York Post!”
“BTW: The FBI has had possession of the laptop since December of 2019, yet has done little or nothing! (No “Deep State”? — “My A$$”)”

“Watch Fox News and read the New York Post for real information of the corruption of the “Biden Gang”!”
– Reader Marcus

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Biden to destroy oil and gas?

“New text messages reveal that China Energy Company Ltd (CEFC) apparently paid $5 million to the Biden family.” From:

The New York Post broke news last week that Joe Biden himself may have benefited from his son’s dealings. The Post quoted a cryptic message from one of Hunter’s partners, saying that “10 [percent] held by H for the big guy?” The recipient of that message, Tony Bobulinski, says “there is no question” that “H” stands for Hunter and the “Big Guy” is Joe Biden.

We gain further insight into the operations of Biden Inc. in emails provided to us by Bevan Cooney, a former business associate of Hunter Biden. Cooney, who is currently in prison for his role in the Indian Bond Scheme that is sending Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer also to jail, shared 26,000 emails that show what Hunter’s role was in their business ventures. The Biden name was considered “currency” for their foreign business ventures, and was a “direct…pipeline” to the Obama-Biden Administration. Deals involving Hunter benefited from the “Biden lift,” the help that the name would provide in overseas dealings.

We now know the Biden paydays were anything but conspiracy theories. Hunter was getting roughly $1 million per year from Burisma. Treasury Department alerts reveal that Russian oligarch Elena Baturina wired $3.5 million to Biden’s interests.

New text messages reveal that China Energy Company Ltd (CEFC) apparently paid $5 million to the Biden family. Another e-mail indicates Hunter demanded a $10 million per year “fee” from one of his Chinese business partners. There is no more doubt.


Thanks to Marcus for this link (and the cryptic comments).

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