Arkwright NY Aug. 2020 —

In early 2020, Arkwright’s new Town Board appointed Dr. Mark Twichell as the town’s voluntary noise monitor.

The official instrument he’s supplied with measures only AUDIBLE sound, as per the State and the wind corporations. And while the audible sound, when Dr. Twichell has monitored it, invariably goes over the 50 decibel limit, it’s then averaged out: “an opaque way of hiding noise by averaging it.”

What goes unmonitored, unmeasured, ignored by the industry and the State, is inaudible noise: “We really should call it a vibration,” Dr. Twichell says.

“…vibrations synchronous with many of the natural vibration frequencies of the human body, a plausible explanation of why infrasound is so harmful.”

As audiologist Jerry Punch says [in a video insert] about industrial wind turbines, “the only thing you can do is keep them away from people…

[infrasound] cannot be blocked by barriers…because of the long wave length…”


“The nuisance lawsuits that are filed in every community that is impacted by wind turbines and their noise is all part of the system.

Even before the wind turbines are installed – as in the case of Arkwright – the nuisance attorney arrives on the scene and starts talking to people about what is about to happen and how they should relate to that.

The New York State regulatory agencies are well-aware of this.

I believe that they believe they see the nuisance lawsuits as remunerative justice.

In other words, they are permitting a facility that they know, that they willingly admit, is going to be highly annoying to 10% of the population [which] has the recourse of filing the nuisance lawsuit based on the fact they can no longer can enjoy the full use and valued of their property…and they will get money for having lost the value of their property.”

Video inserts in this video include the text of the lawsuit filed in 2019 by 100 or so Arkwright residents, as well as images from Arkwright including the transport and assembly of the industrial wind turbines. Dr. Mark Twichell reveals some of what he’s learned as Arkwright Township volunteer sound monitor.

Insert of Prof. Jerry Punch, audiologist (Michigan State University, emeritus)

Sept. 10, 2019, on Chautauqua Updates.

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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