Venezuelan Miracle Covid-19 Cure: “Ozone Rectal Therapy”

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro in meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Saadabad Palace. By Tasnim News Agency, CC BY 4.0Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Covid-19 patients will no doubt soon be flocking to Venezuela’s socialised medical treatment centres, to receive “miracle droplets” and “ozone rectal therapy” cures for their illness.

Maduro Debuts Venezuela’s Coronavirus Cures: ‘Miracle Droplets,’ ‘Rectal Ozone Therapy’

15 Oct 2020

Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro claimed in a nationally televised broadcast on Tuesday that Venezuela had developed several novel therapies to fight the Chinese coronavirus, including unspecified “miracle droplets” he claimed originated with a Catholic saint.

“You put some droplets under your tongue every four hours, it is yielding miraculous results,” Maduro said. “The little miracle droplets go directly, so you can take them with faith. Your body comes out refined, it eliminates COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus.”

“Venezuela is almost ready, we just need the results of the molecular investigations because we have an antiviral that is going to be a slam dunk against the coronavirus, made by Venezuelan minds, with Venezuelan wisdom and science,” Maduro added, claiming that the “miracle droplets” were in Phase Three clinical trials.

Elsewhere in the broadcast, Maduro applauded two new alleged treatments as “out of sight”: “rectal ozone therapy and intravenous ozone therapy.”

“We have a clinical study with more than 600 cases and we can say that we have a 96 percent rate of saving lives and recovery,” Maduro claimed.

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Maduro’s 96% recovery rate, implying a 4% fatality rate, suggests his cures are not doing a lot to help patients.

Perhaps I am being unfair; the impressive “cure” rate might be a measure of the number of severely ill patients who suddenly feel well enough to discharge themselves from hospital, after they catch sight of the “ozone rectal” treatment machine.

The following is a short video of Maduro’s ozone therapy announcement;

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October 16, 2020 at 12:40PM

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