Dr Peter Ridd and not the real Dr Paul Hardisty debate Great Barrier Reef science

Some startling admissions have come out of a recent Senate Inquiry into the Great Barrier Reef science behind the Reef Regulations that are pushing Aussie farmers off the land.

This presentation has a back-and-forth conversation between Marine Geophysicist Dr Peter Ridd and the “not-the-real Dr Paul Hardisty” robot, because the CEO of the Australian Institute of Marine Science refused to participate in a live debate in front of an audience.

The live-streamed forum on 8 October, held in Townsville to accommodate Dr Hardisty attending, reached tens of thousands on the night and continues to put the question out there:

What is the truth about the health of the Great Barrier Reef, and why isn’t Government in Australia checking the science being used to make political decisions that are driving Aussie farmers off the land and impacting every person across the nation.

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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