By Paul Homewood

h/t Dennis Ambler

Once upon a time, the goal of the NHS was to save lives!

The NHS today took a major step into the decarbonised future, announcing a multi-year plan to become the world’s first net zero national health system.

The move aligns with recommendations by an expert group, the NHS Net Zero Expert Panel, which convened in January to analyse evidence on how the health service can help slash UK emissions. Based on its findings, the NHS has adopted two targets: for emissions under its direct control to reach net zero by 2040, with an interim reduction target of 80 per cent by 2028-32; and for its wider supply chain footprint to reach net zero by 2045, with an 80 per cent reduction target set between 2036 and 2039.

Interventions driving progress towards the goal will include developing new ways of delivering care at or closer to home; greening the NHS fleet, including road-testing a net-zero emissions ambulance by 2022; reducing waste of consumable products; making sure new hospitals and buildings are built to be net-zero emissions; and building energy conservation into staff training and education, the panel’s report says.

„The evidence that the climate emergency is a health emergency is overwhelming, with health professionals already needing to manage its symptoms,“ said Dr Nick Watts, who headed the expert panel and will now take on a role as the NHS’s chief sustainability officer.

„The NHS’s ambition is world-leading, and the first national commitment to deliver a net zero health service. It comes at a time when the UK is preparing to host the UN climate change summit next year, and demonstrates that every part of our societies need to play their part in reducing pollution and responding to climate change,“ he added.


Goodness knows what all of this nonsense will cost, but perhaps even more problematic is the distraction it will cause.

Steering committees, staff training, carbon monitoring officers, compliance teams and countless other non-jobs will simply create a huge bureaucratic morass, which can only divert resources and management focus from the real job the NHS is supposed to be doing.



October 16, 2020 at 05:09PM