Dr Howard Brady – Climate Science Problems through the Viewpoint of an Historical Geologist

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This Lecture given on 6th Oct, 2020 was withdrawn by ANU as an official ACDE seminar:

1. WHAT HAPPENED The ACDE Seminar is the Australian National Universities oldest and most distinguished seminar series in applied economics. Dr Howard Brady (accomplished geologist and author) was invited by ANU to present his seminal paper:

“Problems in Climate Science from the viewpoint of an historical geologist.”

Other powers at ANU tried to stop this seminar from going ahead.

ANU’s actions have led to internationally prominent and respected scientists coming out in support of Dr Brady, who authored, “Mirrors and Mazes:

A guide through the climate debate”. A full timeline of what happened is below.

2. CANCELLATION TIMELINE 20th September Dr Brady was invited to give an Arnt-Corden Dept of Economics (ACDE) seminar at ANU.

The ACDE is within ANU’s Crawford School of Public Policy. 24th September The seminar title and abstract were posted on an ANU website for the ACDE seminars and emails were sent to parties around the world and within the ANU. The seminar title is:

Problems in climate science from the viewpoint of an historical geologist.

On 28th September The Head (Prof. Song) and the Deputy Head of School (Prof. Burke) formally instructed Associate Professor Ross McCleod to withdraw Dr Brady’s seminar as an ACDE seminar.

Comments were made that Brady’s seminar was not ‘economics.’ Yet the ANU website describes Professor Burke (Deputy Head) as heavily involved in the economics of carbon dioxide output.

It says, for example: Paul has published in journals including American Economic Journal – Macroeconomics, Economic Inquiry, Nature Geoscience, Nature Climate Change, and Global Environmental Change. His ongoing research includes policies for zero-carbon energy in the Asia-Pacific, international electricity trade, energy access issues, carbon price designs, and other topics.

On 29th September After discussions with staff including professors in the Economic Department who were furious with the decision as a denial of academic freedom to a seminar that had definite economic ramifications, Associate Professor Ross McCleod decided to still hold the seminar talk and make it open to anyone who accepted his ZOOM invite. Prof McCleod did so with support of other staff at the ANU.

Since 29th September Dr Brady has been receiving emails of support from many other University academics.

These include those from within the ANU, Sydney University, UNE, Princeton University USA.

The support from Princeton is from world famous Professor Will Happer who was on the Security Council of the USA last year and is one of the main climate advisors to America’s President.

In fact, Professor Happer helped Dr Brady with the physics in Dr Brady’s seminar paper.

3. ABSTRACT OF TALK The climate system is vast with the interaction of forces we do not fully understand.

Linking recent and future global warming to increasing carbon dioxide levels is problematic.

Historical data exposes serious flaws in the IPCC reports with respect to, for example: – the predictions of future sea levels; – the relationship between carbon dioxide levels and temperature; – and the frequency and severity of storms. Applying the word ‘unprecedented’ to certain events shows an ignorance of the Earth’s geological and environmental history.

Climate change cannot be assumed to be geocentric without influence from cosmic and solar weather.

Climate models are on steroids with respect to their estimate of what is called the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity Index; that is, the estimate of future temperatures if carbon dioxide levels double. We cannot forget this statement:

“… we are dealing with a coupled chaotic non-linear system and therefore the prediction of future climate states is not possible.”

IPCC Report 2001

Author: uwe.roland.gross

Don`t worry there is no significant man- made global warming. The global warming scare is not driven by science but driven by politics. Al Gore and the UN are dead wrong on climate fears. The IPCC process is a perversion of science.