Unprecedented spring snow hits parts of Australia as multiple regions suffer coldest September on record

Out-of-season snow is burying parts of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales as the Grand Solar Minimum ramps-up its intensification.

The spring snowfall is incredibly rare, even unprecedented in some areas. Lismore and Lake Bolac in Victoria’s Western Districts, for example, saw snow accumulate to as low as 200 metres today–with more to come.

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“They don’t see snow this time of year, or at all, very often,” said Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) senior forecaster, Keris Arndt.

Ballarat just experienced its coldest-ever September day on record, registering a max of just 5.8C at 10am on Friday morning — that’s 0.2C lower than the previous all-time record of 6C set on September 15, 1957.

In addition, a record-crushing low of 0.1C was recorded at 1.40pm (yes, ‘pm’), and “surprise snow” even accumulated across the city and surrounding areas.

Looking forward, further heavy snow and record-low temperatures will persist throughout the weekend and into next week. As a result, NSW has seen Mount Canobolas closed ahead of anticipated blizzard-like conditions, and a sheep graziers warning is in place for many regions.

In addition, a fierce wintry storm will ravage the entire length of New Zealand this weekend, prompting the country’s meteorological agency to place 90% of the nation under at least one “severe weather” warning.

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Unprecedented Spring Snow Hits Parts of Australia as regions suffer their Coldest September Temperatures ever Recorded

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September 26, 2020 at 10:51AM

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