Information On Solar Storm And Schumann Resonance Effects On Humans!

Information On Solar Storm And Schumann Resonance Effects On Humans!


Overall, this study strongly confirms that daily ANS activity, as reflected by HRV measures, responds to changes in geomagnetic and solar activity primarily during periods undisturbed by solar activity.

Furthermore, these ANS responses are initiated at different times after the change in the various environmental factors and continue over different lengths of time.

Solar wind was negatively correlated with IBIs indicating that heart rate increases with increases in solar wind that suggests a physiological stress reaction occurred.

It appears that increased cosmic rays, solar radio flux, and Schumann resonance power are all associated with increased HRV and increased parasympathetic activity,and the ANS responds quickly to changes in these environmental factors.

These may well be some of the key drivers of Tchijevsky’s Index of Mass Human Excitability that clearly tracks the solar cycle. These findings support the hypothesis that these energetic environmental factors act as energy sources that outplay in different ways depending on an individual’s health status and maturity level and capacity of self-regulation.

Overall, our study found that geomagnetic disturbances lead to an increase in city-specific and season-stratified total, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), and myocardial infarction deaths in the selected 263 U.S. cities. The effects of GMD on total deaths were found in all seasons, and on CVD and myocardial infarction deaths in spring and fall. When comparing this with the effect of particulate matter our study found that the effects of GMD on total, CVD, and myocardial infarction deaths were also higher spring and fall than there were for particulate matter alone.

This may be explained by increased numbers of geomagnetic storms during spring and fall.

But how do increased geomagnetic disturbances lead to an increase in deaths related to cardiovascular diseases and myocardial infarction?

Our results may be explained through the direct impact of environmental electric and magnetic fields produced during GMD on the human autonomic nervous system. Interactions between GMD and the autonomic nervous system are likely to induce a cascade of reactions in the body’s electrophysiology that culminate in the collapse of organ functions and death.

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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