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BBC’s Phoebe Keane is on it again … a long op-ed in BBC …How the oil industry made us doubt climate change

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This response came in from Russel Cook and works as a guest post.


As ever, the hallmark of far-leftists is their intellectual dishonesty with the public and with themselves. In a very quick zip through this BBC article screed, I spot three very major disingenuous portrayals:

… Kert Davies … used to work as a research director at the environmental pressure group Greenpeace, where he looked into corporate opposition to climate change. This inspired him to set up The Climate Investigations Centre.

No, Kert Davies ran the Greenpeace-created ExxonSecrets website from 2004 – 2013, and his Climate Investigations Center is little more than a continuation of that effort to portray leaked industry documents as having sinister intent that dates back to the time when he worked at Ozone Action, pre-2000. Plus, my speculation is that his CIC was set up as a vehicle to provide citation sources for the then-in-the-planning-stages global warming lawsuits.

… The accusations against Exxon and others … build on years of painstaking research by people like Kert Davies and Naomi Oreskes

No, if a person chooses to do a basic timeline of Oreskes learning who didn’t like her 2004 Science 100% consensus paper, either from Erik Conway or from Ben Santer … or from Anthony Socci regarding ye olde “reposition global warming” memos and related material, they might be able to calculate that she learned everything she wanted to know about supposed fossil fuel disinformation campaigns inside of just a month or less. All the rest of her time from then to the present has been apparently spent on how to spin that into her Merchants of Doubt screeds.

… in 1991, the trade body that represents electrical companies in the US, the Edison Electric Institute, created a campaign called the Information Council for the Environment (ICE) which aimed to “Reposition global warming as theory (not fact)“. Some details of the campaign were leaked to the New York Times.

No, they did not. ICE was a creation of Fred Palmer’s at the Western Fuels Association, and the “reposition” memo set, including the targeting goal of “older, lesser educated males” /  “younger, low-income women” was rejected outright by the Western Fuels people (Fred Palmer never even saw it). Thus, this particular leaked memos ‘evidence’ is worthless to prove energy companies engage in disinformation campaigns. Btw, Al Gore claims the memo set was leaked to his office years before he claimed Ross Gelbspan ‘discovered’ them and years before Ozone Action magically ‘obtained’ them.  Btw2, Socci was a toady for Al Gore back in 1992 when Gore was attacking Sherwood Idso over ties to Western Fuels.

My official complaint to BBC over this Phoebe Keane problem is ongoing, although I haven’t received an update on the status of it in several weeks now.

 – Russell Cook

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September 20, 2020 at 09:03PM