Atlantic Hurricane Season Update

By Paul Homewood

2020 Atlantic hurricane season summary map.png

Atlantic Hurricane & Tropical Storm Tracks 2020

There has been a load of nonsense written about how busy this year’s Atlantic hurricane season has been, with Greek letters having to be used if we run out of normal ones.

In reality, the vast majority have been weak Tropical Storms, spinning around  aimlessly in the middle of the ocean. Very few of these would even have been spotted in the pre-satellite era.

To date, there have just been eight Atlantic hurricanes, including two major ones, Laura and Teddy. While the season has not quite ended yet, it seems unlikely that the total number will be unusually high, while the number of major hurricanes looks like being relatively low.


While the Accumulated Cyclone Energy is running 28% above average in the Atlantic, globally it is well below, at 64%.

Global hurricane numbers are also lower this year, as are the number of major hurricanes. There is no evidence of increasing hurricane frequency or intensity, despite the BBC’s attempts to mislead otherwise.



September 18, 2020 at 12:33PM

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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