Daily Archives: September 14, 2020

Biden is ‘Bugged’ during Climate Change Remarks

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Signs of life on Venus?

All around the world are dawning headlines wondering if we have founds signs of life on Venus. Despite the hunt for life on star systems that are lightyears from Earth, it turns out there may be something on the Planet-next-door. “May” being the operative word. A team found phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus and […]

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Claim: Astronomers create 40% more carbon emissions than the average Australian. Here’s how they can be more environmentally friendly

Adam Stevens, University of Western Australia and Sabine Bellstedt, University of Western Australia Astronomers know all too well how precious and unique the environment of our planet is. Yet the size of our carbon footprint might surprise you. Our study, released today in Nature Astronomy, estimated the field produces 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions per year in Australia. With […]

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