Greta Thunberg’s Scandinavia Has Seen August Cooling Trend Over The Past Quarter Century

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

Today we plot the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) data for Northern Europe for the month of August, 2020.

We have selected this region because it is the home of 17-year old climate alarmist/activist Greta Thunberg, who thinks the planet is heating up rapidly and so we’re all doomed.

We plot the data for the stations for which the JMA has sufficient data going back over 2 decades. First we plot the August data for Sweden, Greta’s home country:

Data: JMA

Five of the 6 stations plotted show a cooling trend. So it’s a mystery how Greta thinks her country is warming up. The data suggest that summers have been shortening a bit. Over the course of Greta’s life, she has yet to see warming in August.

Next we examine Norway, Greta’s western neighbor:

Data: JMA

Here we see 6 of the 11 stations have seen an August cooling trend over the past quarter century. The colder stations have warmed somewhat, while the warmer ones have cooled. Overall, no warming to speak of, really.

The story is similar in Finland (further from the Atlantic), but here the colder stations have cooled, while the warmer stations have warmed slightly – but statistically insignificantly:

Data: JMA

Finally we plot the data for the emerald island, Ireland, next to the tempestuous Atlantic:

Data: JMA

Four of the six stations in Ireland have been cooling in August. Those warming have done so insignificantly. Overall the emerald island has been cooling during the month of August since 1983!

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September 13, 2020 at 12:17PM

Author: uwe.roland.gross

Don`t worry there is no significant man- made global warming. The global warming scare is not driven by science but driven by politics. Al Gore and the UN are dead wrong on climate fears. The IPCC process is a perversion of science.