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Some thoughts on the last week. Nothing controversial. Ahem.


Last weekend I rejoiced in XR losing hearts and minds so, for balance, here’s our favourite XR alumnus with friends:

Nuclear for Net Zero? Well, it’s a lot better than any other version. IMHO. Feel free to disagree.


A couple of previous paragraphs of mine, from two posts in December 2017, with the second modestly pointing to the first:

For mediocre self-defined experts, climate is a gateway drug. For society, climate is self-harm due to low self-esteem.

The good news, I aver, is that climate is a gateway drug for a lot of other bad stuff. (Good news for us as a blog, that is, though bad news for society.) But being a real expert on so many things is incredibly hard. That’s part of the bad news for us as a blog – and indeed for everyone.

There has been bad stuff in the Covid area – like the Lancet’s retracted paper on Hydroxychloroquine. And I do see my dictum about climate as a gateway drug applying to some of that. (I also agree with my former self on how hard it is to be a real expert in this new area.)

However, there are also far more honest brokers in the Covid case, the way I see it. How many climate scientists have you seen asking this question?

Publication bias in alarming studies in climate science and policy? What a tought! Seen any general quotes from Betts and his ilk on that?

On our covid policy and quality-of-life stance, this little interaction yesterday for me had everything:

I also cited Burke earlier in the week, having been irritated by the four options given, by someone I otherwise consider a good broadcaster, in a poll on pretty much the same controversy:

I would need to do another post on everything I mean by Burkean Scepticism. But, as sceptic generally, I’ve also had the pleasure of watching this video from Ivor Cummins this week:

In brief, it looks like Sweden got it right. Cummins (no relation) explains that point of view very calmly, based on the latest data, and deals with most of the counterarguments one has heard raised.

I still wear a mask in the supermarket though. I put that down to Burke and his non-revolutionary wisdom. Feel free to disagree. Or even to ask what on earth I mean.


If the UK has already turned into a fascist dictatorship then I think it’s fair to assume that there is no hope for us regarding Brexit. I don’t hold to either part. I simply read with interest:

I don’t hold to what Major, Blair of Adler (of the BBC but the reflecting the views of the EU) are saying. I hope the other two are right. That has big implications for the future freedom of the UK to take a different path on climate policy, as we’ve discussed in the past. But it’s also why some caution is I think wise before writing off this government as committed fascists, because of their faulty Covid policy.

Is it possible that Cummings and co decided they couldn’t fight ‘conventional wisdom’ on both fronts at the same time, with the EU negotiation going to the wire during the winter months that are a genuine concern for various well-meaning people on Covid? I think that it is possible.

Peace Prize

And that was before Bahrain.

Complex area, of course. But ask yourself, are the climate alarmists of the world rejoicing at this prospect and the imminent reelection of Donald Trump, whether for that or other reasons?

As with last week, reactions of anything welcome.

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September 13, 2020 at 09:54AM

Author: uwe.roland.gross

Don`t worry there is no significant man- made global warming. The global warming scare is not driven by science but driven by politics. Al Gore and the UN are dead wrong on climate fears. The IPCC process is a perversion of science.