We Are Being Enslaved!

“It’s time to stand up and fight back and stop being the gutless cowards we’ve been for the past 9 months!”
– Benito Lorez

We Are Being Enslaved!

Benito Lorez

Fauici suffers from the “Napoleon Complex.” He’s a little man with a big ego that must be fed massive amounts of laurels in order to feel good. The man is an absolute joke imo. He’s gone from an allergy specialist to a pandemic expert and now to transformer of human civilization as if he were a god of some sorts. And I’m sure he thinks himself a god or at least a demigod.

This whole pandemic is geared towards destroying freedom and transforming humanity into something we were never meant to be. Everything that comes out of Fauici’s mouth is contrary to nature! And now get ready because he and his cronies are about to ramp things up another notch as the “flu season” dawns. I’m sure he’s an expert on that too.

Fact is humanity is being pushed into subjection to those like Fauici and George Soros who think they are the only ones on the planet who know best. We are being ENSLAVED! If these psychos succeed human life will become something most of us do not want to be a part of any longer. In fact, they want most of us dead so they can use their wacky science to turn the planet back into “Eden.” But that “Eden” is for them and for them alone not for us.

These people, including Fauici, are psychotic and outright evil. They are far more than simple charlatans and snake oil salesmen/women. It’s time to stand up and fight back and stop being the gutless cowards we’ve been for the past 9 months!

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September 11, 2020 at 10:50AM

Author: uwe.roland.gross

Don`t worry there is no significant man- made global warming. The global warming scare is not driven by science but driven by politics. Al Gore and the UN are dead wrong on climate fears. The IPCC process is a perversion of science.