Ann Widdecombe: Heresy, Modern Inquisition And The BBC

The only difference between the modern day cancel culture and the Spanish Inquisition is the absence of physical torture.

Nobody is going to be put on the rack, burnt at the stake or chained up and starved in prison. We are more refined these days: we merely make it impossible for people to function in normal society, working and earning, speaking freely, bringing up their children according to their moral code.

Heresy is ruthlessly exposed, witch-hunts deafening, civic authority cowering, public censure brutal. To believe in the traditional definition of marriage is heresy, as is any suggestion that replacing fossil fuels with windfarms is impractical or that the British Empire might have done some good or that people living some centuries ago should not have been expected to think as we do.

It is heresy to suggest that Britain is not profoundly racist or to sing a patriotic song. Dash it, it is even now heresy to state that women menstruate.

Such is the power of the modern Inquisition that it is the state rather than parents which decides when and how children still in kindergarten should be introduced to what we once coyly called “the facts of life”.

One of the biggest promoters of the modern Inquisition has been the BBC. Supposedly impartial, it simply ignores what it does not like and jumps on any passing bandwagon that suits its own metropolitan-elite driven notions, as is evidenced by the enthusiasm with which it has recently embraced the agenda of portraying Britain and her historic figures as rabidly racist.

Nor is it only the news and current affairs programmes which do this.

Drama is similarly censured for anything not “edgy”, peppered with swear words and sex-ridden. Those who want something different can pay their licence and go to Hades. Tim Davie, the new Director General at the BBC, has a big part to play in making this country once more a land of liberty and free speech. I wish him well but am not holding my breath.

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