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Boston’s Fake Sea Level Scare Debunked – Part 2

By James Taylor -September 8, 2020

Yesterday on Climate Realism, we debunked a fake sea-level scare promoted by Boston’s National Public Radio affiliate, WBUR. WBUR claims global warming has caused 28 trillion tons of ice to disappear since 1994, which WBUR claims is a worst-case scenario for global sea level, and especially for Boston. In addition to the scientific evidence we presented yesterday, let’s add another piece of scientific evidence today. Actual sea level data show no acceleration in Boston sea level since 1994.

So much for WBUR’s Boston sea-level scare.

Below is sea level data for Boston, reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Where is the cataclysmic rise in sea level since 1994? It simply isn’t there. The reason it isn’t there is because ice has been slowly and steadily melting – and sea level has been slowly and steadily rising – in Boston and throughout much of the world since at least the mid-1800s. The ice melt since 1994 is nothing unusual or extraordinary.

Utilizing 19th and 20th century technologies, humans have adapted to rising sea level without much problem. It is odd that climate alarmists claim that with all the advantages of 21st century technologies, humans suddenly won’t be able to adapt to modest sea level rise.

Boston, post-1994 ice melt has not created a sea level emergency.

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Hanoi Jane claims Ivanka Trump “laughed” at her Global Warming nonsense… And?

Guest “And?” by David Middleton

From The Independent


Jane Fonda has claimed Ivanka Trump “laughed” and then never contacted her again after she appealed for Donald Trump’s help in the fight against climate change.

Fonda was arrested five times in the winter of 2019 while protesting climate change in front of the White House…


“I actually called Jared, or whatever his name is, and I told him my idea and he said, ‘Well, Ivanka is the environmentalist in the family.’ Yeah, sure. So she called me and I told her my idea and she laughed and I never heard from her again.”


The Independent


Pretend that Jane Fonda is the caller in this classic Frazier scene…

Hanoi Jane:

To woo Trump in her fight against climate change, Fonda hoped to recruit “four of the most beautiful, sexy, smart, climate-interested women” she could find, and meet with him and “kneel, plead and beg” for his support. She claimed both Pamela Anderson and Sharon Stone were on her wish list.

“We’ll tell him what needs to be done and what a serious crisis this is and we’ll tell him that he will be the world’s greatest hero, that kind of thing,” she remembered.

The Independent


[Jane], at Cornell University they have an incredible piece of scientific equipment known as the tunneling electron microscope. Now, this microscope is so powerful that by firing electrons you can actually see images of the atom, the infinitesimally minute building blocks of our universe. [Jane], if I were using that microscope right now, I still wouldn’t be able to locate my interest in your problem. Thank you for your call.

Like this:

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September 8, 2020 at 04:30PM

Sorry, NY Times, Forests Are Expanding, Not Shrinking

Showing up among the top Google News results today under “climate change” is a letter published by the New York Times titled, “Protecting Forests From Climate Change.” The subtitle of the Times letter is, “A conservationist argues for a more proactive approach in the face of decline.” The problem is, forests are not declining. As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise and the climate warms, objective data show forests are expanding, not shrinking.

The letter, written by Jad Daley, president of the activist group American Forests, claims “climate change is fueling our wildfire crisis” and that “management [is needed] to make existing forests more climate resilient, and quickly replant forests that have been lost.”

Climate at a Glance: U.S. Wildfires shows that the annual amount of land typically burned by wildfires in recent decades is less than one quarter what was typically the case during the first half of the 20th century. So much for Daley’s claim of a “wildfire crisis.”

Also, there has been no “decline” or net loss in forest lands during recent decades, despite the false claims of Daley and the Times. The percentage of U.S. land covered by forests bottomed out in 1920. Substantially aided by the transformation of a wood-fired energy economy to a coal-fired energy economy, pressures on forests have declined even as the U.S. population more than tripled since 1920. The U.S. federal government reports “Forest area has been relatively stable since 1910, although the population has more than tripled since then.”

Reporting on U.S. Forest Service data, the website ThoughCo reports, “Tree volumes since 1950 have increased and, most importantly, not dropped. The U.S. now grows more wood, in the form of living trees, than in the last 60 years.”

So, wildfires are less frequent and severe. Also, the amount of land covered by forests is increasing. That, according to the Fake News media justifies claims that climate change is causing a “wildfire crisis” and a need to “quickly replant forests that have been lost.”

Sorry, logic and facts are not buying that….

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World Economic Forum Denies UN Climate Science, Invents Fake Drought Crisis

The World Economic Forum (WEF) – a globalist organization comprised of the world’s leading political figures, billionaires, and international corporations – published an article today claiming a global drought crisis that is explicitly refuted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). If Twitter, Facebook, and other tech media giants apply their cancel culture rules with any consistency, the tech media giants will quickly erase any mentions of the WEF’s fake claims on their platforms.

Today’s WEF article is titled, “Water wars: How conflicts over resources are set to rise amid climate change.” The very first sentence of the article reads, “From erratic rainfall to severe droughts, global warming is increasing competition for water around the world.” The WEF, however, provides no scientific sources for its claim. So, let’s check what the United Nations IPCC reports regarding rainfall and severe droughts.

As reported in Climate at a Glance: Drought, the U.N. IPCC reports with “high confidence” that precipitation has increased over mid-latitude land areas of the Northern Hemisphere (including the United States) during the past 70 years. Also, the IPCC reports “low confidence” about any negative trends globally.

There you have it, in black and white. The IPCC, the asserted “gold standard” for climate science, states explicitly:  

There is high confidence that mean precipitation over the mid-latitude land areas of the Northern Hemisphere has increased since 1951 (Hartmann et al., 2013). For other latitudinal zones, area-averaged long-term positive or negative trends have low confidence ….”

The rest of the WEF article claims all sorts of worldwide water sob stories, all dependent on the false assertion of less global rainfall and more severe global drought.

The WEF is ramping up the telling of climate lies to justify a January meeting in which they intend to devise a “Great Reset of global capitalism.” The plan is to promote global wealth equality by a massive redistribution of wealth from Western democracies to the rest of the world, where a stifling of economic freedom has brought poverty and misery. The WEF plans to implement this by transforming the world’s economies to a socialist New World Order, centered on climate justice. Telling false climate tales appears to be WEF’s main strategy for making this happen.

Regardless of the World Economic Forum’s nefarious Great Reset plans, its claim that climate change is causing less rainfall and more drought is explicitly refuted by the UN IPCC.

Spread the word, and the truth…..

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Time to Countersue Portuguese Children for Climate Change Benefits?

A group of leftist lawyers called the Global Legal Action Network is exploiting four children and two young adults by filing a claim in the European court of human rights claiming climate change is ruining the children’s future. While the suit seeks binding carbon dioxide restrictions on 33 countries, perhaps some European nations should countersue the children for receiving freeloading benefits as a result of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

According to an article published over the weekend by Grist, the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) has launched a fundraising campaign to pay GLAN to sue on behalf of the children. GLAN claims that summer heat this year in Portugal and forest fires in Portugal three years ago prove the world’s climate is getting worse and Portuguese children are especially impacted.

GLAN’s claimed harms appear minor or nonexistent. Hot temperatures are a normal summer phenomenon in Portugal and around the world. Moreover, recent Portuguese wildfires are intensifying because of factors other than climate change. The science website PhysOrg documents that land-use changes in Portugal during recent decades have resulted in a buildup of dead trees and brush that fuel more intense fires. Moreover, PhysOrg documents that Portuguese tree farmers have switched to highly flammable eucalyptus trees in recent decades to produce paper pulp. Both of these factors make wildfires more likely and severe, even with little or no changes in climate.

While the Portuguese harms appear minor or nonexistent, Portugal is benefiting from a remarkable increase in crop yields as carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere and temperatures modestly rise. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reports Portuguese crop yields per acre have increased 40% since 2010, 70% since 2000, 150% since 1990, and 400% since 1980. These are dramatic benefits due largely to carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.

Moreover, scientists have documented that throughout the world, cold temperatures kill 20 times more people than warm or hot temperatures. By reducing cold temperature events, global warming is generating another enormous benefit to the people of Portugal, as well as the world.

Also, NASA satellite instruments have documented a tremendous greening of Portugal during recent decades, with NASA attributing carbon dioxide emissions as the primary catalyst. The NASA image below shows Portugal is enjoying approximately 50% more vegetation and greenery since 1982.

Perhaps GLAN may be able to show a few minor obstacles for Portuguese children caused by global warming, but clearly the benefits to Portuguese children vastly outweigh the harms. It may be time for a countersuit seeking contributions from Portuguese children to help pay for the climate benefits they are receiving for free.

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