New John Cook 97% Consensus Climate Change Video

Herr John Cook Self Portrait

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; John Cook has released a new video which attacks a climate skeptic straw man, to try to bolster his 97% climate consensus claim.

Watch the video, judge for yourself.

What do I mean by “climate skeptic straw man”?

When John Cook claims 97% of climate scientists believe humans cause global warming, he is likely absolutely correct. The straw man is Cook’s suggestion that climate skeptics do not believe humans cause global warming.

Most climate scientists whom opponents identify as “climate deniers” believe anthropogenic CO2 causes global warming. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. I believe anthropogenic CO2 causes global warming. Suggesting that most skeptics do not believe CO2 causes global warming is nonsense.

But there is a huge difference between believing humans cause global warming, and believing that humans cause significant global warming, or that humans are the ONLY cause of modern era global warming.

Believing that humans cause global warming is not the same thing as believing that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are leading us towards an imminent climate catastrophe.

For anyone interested, the “Herr John Cook” image comes from a set of creepy images Cook published on Skeptical Science.

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via Watts Up With That?

September 3, 2020 at 04:16PM

Author: uwe.roland.gross

Don`t worry there is no significant man- made global warming. The global warming scare is not driven by science but driven by politics. Al Gore and the UN are dead wrong on climate fears. The IPCC process is a perversion of science.