Two Snake-Like Filaments & A Solar Storm | Space Weather News 09.02.2020

This week our Sun shows more signs of the new solar cycle.

Two big filaments have rotated into Earth-view and one has erupted as a solar storm!

That we are seeing filaments on the Sun again is a welcome reminder that activity is ramping up.

Even though the first filament launched to the East of Earth, we are watching the second filament closely because it is passing through the Earth-strike zone now and if it launches over the next couple of days, it could be an Earth-directed solar storm.

Meanwhile, we are currently feeling the effects of some fast solar wind that has bumped us to storm levels multiple times and brought aurora down to mid-latitudes sporadically.

Expect these conditions to continue over the next day or so before things return to quiet conditions. Learn the details of the ongoing solar storm as well as the filaments on the Sun, see how they could affect you, and find out what else our Sun has in store this week.


Author: uwe.roland.gross

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