Former UK Government Scientist Condemns Medical Tyranny

Written by Andy Rowlands

I’ve mentioned several times in previous articles I am acquainted with a retired former government scientist. At retirement he was at G7 level, and was involved in number-crunching and data-analysis for various areas of government. He had also advised a previous Prime Minister on matters of medical science.

He has recently commented on various aspects of the current virus situation, and I present some of the most relevant ones below.

Here, he comments on mask-wearing:

“I’d like to explain as simply as possible why some experts are worried about mask wearing and why, paradoxically, mask wearing may lead us into deep water. Strangely enough I don’t count doctors and nurses as experts unless they’re well-boned up in virology, infectious diseases or qualified in PPE.

When the epidemic broke the World Health Organisation issued advice on the assumption that SARS-COV-2 transmission was via large droplet contamination of surfaces. Medical authorities around the globe then set about putting systems in place with hand washing and mask wearing being the necessary backbone. If large droplet transmission were all we had to worry about then masks would be vital and extremely effective.

Virologists then discovered that SARS-COV-2 is transmitted in aerosol form, and rode on droplets so fine it passed through even N95 mask mesh. The World Health Organisation resisted admitting this for quite a while. Meanwhile, mask wearing as a primary protective measure got under way around the globe.

We have ended with a situation where the public (and some medics) think they are safe because they are wearing a mask, and that their mask will stop them spreading the virus to others. It certainly would do if transmission were by large droplet alone but it’s not, it’s also by fine aerosol.

Thus, a masked and healthy person walking into a room where an infected but masked individual is standing will still get infected since the viral aerosol passes right through both masks as though they are not there. The aerosol is formed simply by an infected person breathing or talking and can hang around in the air within an enclosed space for a long time and travel more than 2 metres. This feature of SARS-COV-2 is rather scary and seldom discussed, and one reason why it is so contagious.

By entering that room, the healthy person risks infection regardless of whether masks are worn or not. If they enter the (invisible) aerosol cloud then infection is certain. Some experts worry that by relying on masks the public are putting themselves at greater risk because they think they are safe when they are not. The only safe option is not to enter the room or at least get a good airflow going before entering.

Small, enclosed spaces with little airflow and many people are going to be the most dangerous places whether masks are worn or not. This is something the public (and some medics) are not aware of and it concerns me to see so many people thinking everything will be fine if they all wear a mask and bully others into doing so.

What alarms me is that the UK government should have educated the nation about this the minute the World Health Organisation admitted transmission by aerosol. Some among you may guess why they didn’t, and why a return to ‘normal’ has been phased in on the pretext of alleged protective face coverings. (My emphasis)”

In late August, amid rumours Birmingham is about to be put under full lockdown again, he made this comment:

“Right now a rather insidious game is being played by the mainstream media called ‘The Numbers Are Going Up!’ What the public need to realise is that an increase in the number of reported COVID-19 cases has no intrinsic clinical meaning and I shall explain why in just five pithy points:

  1. All depends on the number of tests being undertaken. More tests means more identified cases. If we are being sensible about this (and I think we should) we should look at the number of cases per 100 tests undertaken. When we do this we find a fast-disappearing pandemic for the UK (see attached slide).
  2. A positive case doesn’t automatically mean somebody in critical condition fighting for their life. As we should all know by now, the vast majority of people tested (80%) only suffer mild symptoms and some folk (asymptotic carriers) don’t even know they’ve got the disease! When we thoroughly test the wider population we’ll likely find 80% is a conservative estimate for mild cases.
  3. The PCR test cannot distinguish between the active virus, the dead virus or a virus fragment. Anybody who has had the disease and fully recovered will test positive. New positive cases are therefore not necessarily new active (infectious) cases but could easily be people who had the disease a couple months back and are now immune. (Emphasis added)
  4. The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University point out that for every 100 tests between 2 and 4 are coming back positive when the result should be negative (false positive). They point out that in the last stages of the pandemic this false positive rate greatly skews results.
  5. A person tested twice can show both negative and positive. The data authorities are only taking the positive result. (Emphasis added)”

His slide:

On the subject of PCR testing, he said:

“A positive PCR test can be triggered by the ‘flu and, in fact, can be triggered by the common cold. All depends on the test used – some differentiate a few viruses whereas cheaper tests differentiate a whole bunch. A new issue that is just coming to light is that an 18-base PCR test sequence for identifying SARS-COV-2 (as defined by the WHO) is also the same base sequence for Homo Sapiens chromosome 8, GRCh38.p13 Primary Assembly…yes, we are being tested for being human. It was the WHO who decided what RNA sequences to use – ’nuff said!

When they started plugging the RT-PCR test all over the shop I guessed they’d nobbled the test.

Those tests designed to detect virus RNA have got around two weeks before the virus is clobbered and is shed from the body, after that they’ll pick up Chr8 or return a false positive. ‘Flu antibodies can last a lifetime so an antibody test is useless at detecting a novel infection, this is where old-fashioned diagnosis comes in. Under normal circumstances (and even severe seasonal outbreaks) medics don’t normally rely on testing – all of this is being pushed on them by the WHO.” (Emphasis added in both paragraphs)

During August, there were media stories of domestic cats being found to have the virus, and people were advised not to let their cats out of the house, and to avoid physical contact with them, to reduce the chances of catching the virus. He commented:

  1. SARS-COV-2 (the virus) isn’t COVID-19 (the condition). The press and even some experts confuse the two.
  2. A positive test for SARS-COV-2 doesn’t mean folk have or will go on to develop COVID-19 symptoms.
  3. The test cannot distinguish between the SARS-COV-2 virus and any other coronavirus – a previous episode of common ‘flu will trigger a positive result. (Emphasis added)
  4. The test is notorious for giving false positive results. Much depends on levels of amplification.
  5. Test kits in Tanzania raised suspicion after samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw fruit came back with positive results. (Emphasis added)
  6. Cats, like most animals, are riddled with coronaviruses and the majority will test positive. The COVID-19 designation was arrived at by an imaginative Vet.

Talking about the much-touted miracle vaccines being hastily developed, he said:

“I’m not an anti-vaxxer by any means but believe everybody has the sovereign right over their own body. All medical procedures come with a risk and vaccines are no exception. In the case of any COVID-19 vaccine the public will not be permitted to sue for compensation for injury or death and the vaccine will be issued to millions without the safety net of long-term trials and comprehensive toxicity data(Emphasis added)

Against this we must weigh the risk of an infection that leaves ~80% with mild symptoms and an untold number with no symptoms. Out of the 29,485 deaths reported by NHS England to 19th August only 1,390 were of people without pre-existing conditions(Emphasis added)

The chances of any vaccine working are estimated to be 50% at best and we have no idea of the extent of herd immunity that will have already naturally developed among the population. This may well be considerable since the latest research reveals the virus likely got to these shores as early as December, if not before, but went unreported or misdiagnosed as something else.

The only person who should weigh these risks is you.”

As I understand it, a new vaccine can take up to five years to develop and test before it is passed as fit for use. These Covid vaccines are apparently being rushed into production without any of the normal checks and balances. Many of those who have volunteered to be test subjects have reported side effects such as headaches, nausea, muscle-fatigue and lethargy. We are also told any Covid vaccine will need to be regularly administered, which means it must be very weak.

With this in mind, is it any wonder so many people are saying they will refuse any such vaccine?

I rather suspect our government will do the same as New Zealand. They won’t make the vaccine mandatory, but will stop benefit payments to anyone who does not agree to have it, and may well instruct companies not to employ anyone who hasn’t had it. This will effectively make you unable to find work, and you may find yourself refused entry or access to shops, museums, tourist attractions, public transport, products and services.

You would be shunned by society and effectively become a ‘non-citizen’ with no rights, like in the acclaimed 70s tv series 1990 starring Edward Woodward. You will probably be unable to keep up payments on your house, so your mortgage company will foreclose on you, effectively making you bankrupt. You may well be evicted from your house and have to live on the streets with just what you can carry, and will probably starve to death or die of exposure.

This appears to be where we are headed. Do as you’re told by the state or face being expunged from society.

About the author: Andy Rowlands is a regular contributor to Principia Scientific International; a British independent researcher and writer and assistant editor of the game-changing new climate science book, The Sky Dragon Slayers: Victory Lap.

Published on August 31, 2020

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