Following on from the UK’s historically cool July (its coldest since 1988), AUTUMNAL conditions will return to British Isles and western Europe this weekend, with Briton’s bracing for their coldest August Bank Holiday on record.

Rare summer frosts will grip parts of the UK over the next few mornings, as the mercury takes an unseasonable plunge thanks to a violently descending trough of Arctic air — a phenomenon which is predicted to increase due to the historically low solar activity we’re receiving and its impact on the jet stream: weakening its tight ZONAL flow to more of a wavy MERIDIONAL flow:

The Changing Jet Stream and Global Cooling

BBC meteorologist Phil Avery admits that this weekend could see a “new record for the coldest Bank Holiday in August” as a powerful Arctic blast engulfs practically ALL of western Europe:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies for Sat, Aug 29 [].
GFS 2m Temp Anomalies for Sun, Aug 31 [].

“If we don’t get to 18C (64.4F) this weekend,” explains Avery; “that would set a new record for the coldest Bank Holiday weekend in August.”

The far southeast will likely reach 17C (62.6F) –at Heathrow by any chance?– but the remainder of he UK will struggle to break 13C or 14C — temps which are some 6C to 7C below the seasonal average. And with regards to the minimum lows, Northern England and Scotland could dip below freezing on Sunday morning, with southern parts tumbling well below double-digits.

50 mph (80 kmh) gales will make it feel even colder.

“There are showers, and wind coming in from the North Sea,” continues Avery. “That wind and cloud gradually drifts itself down into East Anglia and London. And because the wind is essentially from the north, it is not going to be warm.”

Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze says: “Frost is the cherry on the cake after the past week saw some of the worst summer weather of the past 50 years, with named storms Ellen and Francis.”

Furthermore, there is another all-time cold-record seriously under-threat this weekend: the coldest daytime maximum temperature ever recorded during the UK’s late-August Bank Holiday weekend (since the holiday began in 1971) is the 9.1C (48.4C) set in 2011 at Cromdale, Scotland, Met Office records show — and this low is forecast to be busted on Saturday, on Sunday, AND on Monday.

By stark contrast, at exactly this time last year the UK was enjoying a balmy Spanish Plume: “Last year’s August bank holiday we recorded 33C,” says Avery; “and we are talking about 18C this year.” This ‘flip’ serves as yet another example of the swings-between-extremes expected during the onset of a Grand Solar Minimum; and while the day-to-day (or year-to-year) weather we’re witnessing is completely unpredictable, the overall trend of the climate is not:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING; in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow. Even NASA appears to agree, if you read between the lines, with their forecast for this upcoming solar cycle (25) seeing it as “the weakest of the past 200 years,” with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Don’t fall for bogus, warm-mongering political agendas.

Prepare for the COLD— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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